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Here is a place to linger, to let your intellect roam. Aatmaavrajanam is being written as a progressive study and, as such, can be read like a book. Anyone arriving at any time can simply start at the very first post and work their way through at their own pace. Please take time to read the info tabs and ensure you don't miss a post, by subscribing to the blog. Interaction is welcomed. Don't be a spectator - be a participator!

One Path

Hari OM
Story-day is for cultural exploration, puraanas and parables and finding out about leading lights in spiritual philosophy.

The Buddha, often with 'the' being dropped, was a Hindu prince (Gautama) who practiced ascetic saadhanas such as are laid out in the Upanishads; he was also born with the blessed gift of having lived sufficient lives to be in the one life where Moksha (liberation - Nirvaana in Tibetan) would be his. In his Realised state, he gave out teachings… consequently those who revered him as Guru, over time, deified him. All within that branch of faith practice who attain 'jivanmukti' (salvation whilst living) are referred to as buddhas (lower-case) or bodhisattvas; for the term itself simply means 'one whose mind is freed' = 'enlightened one'. Here are some excerpts of teachings from Buddhism (to read the full text click here.)

Verses On The Perfection Of Wisdom 
Prajnaparamita Ratnagunasamcayagatha

"Call forth as much as you can of love, of respect and of faith!
Remove the obstructing defilements, and clear away all your taints!
Listen to the Perfect Wisdom of the gentle Buddhas,
Taught for the weal of the world, for heroic spirits intended!

What exists not, that non-existent the foolish imagine;
Non-existence as well as existence they fashion.
As dharmic facts existence and non-existence are both not real.
A bodhisattva goes forth when wisely he knows this.

Forms are not wisdom, nor is wisdom found in form,
In consciousness, perceptions, feeling, or in will.
They are not wisdom, and no wisdom is in them.
Like space it is, without a break or crack.

They do not want fame, their hearts are not overcome by anger.
As householders they remain constantly unattached to their entire property.
They do not seek to earn their livelihood in the wrong way,
Through bewitchment-spells, or the spells which are the work of women.


Hari Om
'Freedays' are the 'gather our thoughts' days; Q&As; a general review of the week so far…

Why are there so many Q&As appearing in the posts? Simple - at some point a measure of progress is required. In every task in life we have to stop occasionally to assess where 'we are at' in that task. As 2017 rushes towards its closing, it is a good time to take stock. It also happens, that in close proximity each text we have been viewing has also 'closed'; we are also coming towards the end of the prakarana grantha stage of study in Vedanta. Yamini-amma is considering what will be the next phase within this particular blog; it may continue similarly for a little while yet, but mostly it will now look specifically at saadhana - the setting of daily disciplines and exercises. It is a 'work in progress' of itself. So, dear readers, do not question the questions. If you have stuck with the reading this long, then you will have learned something of use. It is up to yourselves how much you want to measure your understanding and how it may or may not have affected your lives. Full understanding of the texts covered thus far is essential in order to gain the most from any higher texts which come along.

Embrace the learning dear ones; take it in, roll it around, digest it. Remember that at all times, if you have doubts which have not been answered till now, then ask your questions either in the comments box or through the email contact box. Do not sit in confusion or worry!


Proper Study

Hari OM
'Text-days' are for delving into the words and theory of Advaita Vedanta.

This month, as was done for AUM-day last month, there will be some revision prompts…

Tattva-bodha was our first major text for study. Reread the first two posts today and answer the following;
  1. What category of text is the TB?
  1. What is the key purpose of TB as a text?
  1. What are the 'three grades of Truth'?
  1. What are the three sources of obstacles to spiritual progress?
  1. What is parimaartika satya?

Don't make a chore of this revision; embrace the chance to discover what you remember, what you forgot and what you missed. There are some definite right and wrong answers possible here... consider submitting your work to Yamini-amma for assessment.