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Word Contemplations; X

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Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation

These articles first appeared on Yamini-amma's personal blog. They were designed to promote deeper thinking on values, personal growth, Vedantic understanding - and to prompt conversation. Use them for contemplation either before or after your regular meditative practice.

Kshaama - forgiveness
(There is no 'x' in Sanskrit - 'ksh' is the closest sound.)

Incorporating A-Z into my regular Final Friday Fiction on the personal blog was a challenge. The idea is to take a book, open at page 87, then select words or phrases from lines eight, twelve and sixteen. It is a little out of place here, but the concept of forgiveness cannot be skipped, so here it is. If you wish to see the preceding tales, click here

The book chosen for its page 87 - "Shankara The Missionary" (CCMT, o.o.p.)
8 - he declared
12 - great love
16 - Master


Low Sooz was brazen. Hill Bert had no idea she had it in her. There was a bit of him which started to wonder. Did she have her own agenda in rising through the ranks? Each night, though, she returned to him on their favourite patch of froth moss and he was reassured. She was his great love, and he could imagine no other.

Every time, Low Sooz requested his forgiveness. There came the day he wondered at this.

“What to forgive, Soozma? We have agreed on this action between us.”

“Yes, my sweet, but if I do not ask your forgiveness each day, I fear I will never be able to forgive myself. That would lead to forgetfulness and our road would be fraught with mud and fog.”

“Well!” he declared in return, “again I am reminded how very wise you are. You are the Master of the art of Hinderness!”

“Master? Surely you mean mistress?”

“No my sweet. Until we have something to add to the language, I mean Master. I do not believe there is any who can better you. You are equal to all, yet stand apart. I do not only love you, Soozma, I am in awe of you.” He paused, gazing into her luminous eyes. “Soozma, whatever it is that we must do, we do because there is a greater call. Our leader has asked it of us. You will not require my forgiveness, but I give it anyway. Forgiving ourselves… well, that may be harder, the deeper this play takes us. You are right to not let us forget. Forgive whilst things are small, or we may not be able to forgive at all. Is it not so?”

Low Sooz gleamed, her smile so gentle and the look in her eye so understanding, Hill Bert thought that if he never woke tomorrow, heaven could not be this fine.

"Yes, Hillbee… but then to forgive would be greater still."

(358 words)
© Yamini Ali MacLean


This post is connected with reference made in the "Q" for Kharu post. Forgiveness was alluded to and it brought out some great comments. One, in particular, prompted me to extend this post with the core of my response to it.

It can be very difficult to rise above our ego-self both to ask and to give 'sorry', no denying. Please think on this, however... Forgiveness, if applied, does heal. However, in continuing to 'work' the wound, if pain continues or worsens because of this, then forgiveness has not been applied, only words said. 

Just as there is capital 'ell' Love, there is also True Forgiveness. No grudge held, no festering, no revenge plotted. If we learn to say 'it's okay I forgive you' without it being in our hearts and minds we are not only misleading the forgiven but damaging ourselves as the forgiver. Conversely, if we learn to say sorry for the small things each day, with genuine intent, knowing how to seek forgiveness, we can also find it in ourselves to forgive on a daily basis. Our 'forgiveness muscle' gets good exercise so that when the real test comes, we can find that space in our hearts to ask and to give forgiveness. To do this when the need is greatest requires the strongest part of our character, that part which is the master of its own destiny.

Forgetting is not a required part of forgiveness. However, if forgiveness has truly taken place, the remembering can be viewed as if on a screen; the incident may be unpleasant but can not directly affect us. True Forgiveness releases bonds of the past no matter how strong or how tenuous. Only then, can we start afresh. 

Beyond the purpose of these articles on spiritual uplift, as a counsellor, I had to work with many clients on aspects of asking and giving forgiveness and there are a variety of exercises and tools which can be applied, even for the deepest and most ancient pains. This is clearly not the place to elaborate on such - but I can provide this link, from which arise a number of other highly valuable links, for general reading and understanding. 

Learning to properly seek and give forgiveness is one of the most empowering things you will ever do for yourself.

Praise of Maa

Hari Om

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