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Moving Along...

Hari OM

Dear Readers,
After so long and one of the strangest years any of us could possibly imagine, it is time to get up and going again. In attempting to rework this blog, it was found that the dormancy has resulted in some of the functionality dropping away - not least the comments box. The decision has been made, therefore, to move on to "Chapter Two" of this roaming. (Click the widget on the sidebar to go look.)

Over there you will find that it will not be so much about teaching, per se, as exploration and attempts to set - or illustrate - by example. In some respects, it will become an online version of a saadhana journal and will be rather more from Yamini-amma's personal perspective.

This blog will remain for as long as it is deemed useful as a resource. Any queries received via email contact will be responded to. This is not goodbye - merely farewell and I do hope that all who 'joined' here will be willing to come across and accompany me onward in the next chapter of this Vedantic adventure!


Hari OM

It is not without some regret that posting here has fallen by the wayside. It is simply that matters in daily life have taken precedence, as they must at different periods in our process.

An elderly parent in need of full cares, one's own advancing years taking something of a toll, and a few other commitments, have all conspired to keep Yamini-amma from this part of her saadhana and - by inference - her attention to you. The readers are few, but dedicated, and for that, much gratitude.

The blog will remain standing as it is for now, while consideration is given as to whether to pick it up and continue or to transform it in some fashion.

Meanwhile, if you are a long-term reader, do not hesitate to revisit all the texts and discourses, for they can never be read enough. If you are newly arrived and wondering... do use the link to the very first post in the header-blurb and bookmark as you work through. Do not be tempted to skip. No bridge which ever lasted was built with missing links!

The contacts page will remain active and all queries will be responded to.

May 2020 be spiritually satisfying to all as well is full of joy, health and Love.

Guided Meditation 7

Hari Om
Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation

Meditation has 'caught on'; many people in many places will talk of their practising 'meditation'. That is, overall, a very positive thing. However, for the spiritual seeker, it is essential to be focused and have a deep and full understanding of what dhyaanam truly is. From that, the practice of nididdhyaasana can arise. The first is what we regularly know - the 'act' of meditation. The second is the regular, intense, devoted practice.

Over the next few weeks, you will be given a link to a presentation given by Swami Advayananda in 2018. These are for the serious, those who truly wish to further their saadhana of dhyaanam and move it into nididdhyaasana.

Click the image to go to this week's session. There may be a temptation to move on to the next and subsequent sessions, but please resist this urge. Rather, each day, repeat the session of the week and listen intently - notice if you discover points that you missed at first or other listenings. Also, note what corrections you are making to improve your own practice - best seen from repeating the same thing over and over! Repetition IS practise.