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Here is a place to linger, to let your intellect roam. Aatmaavrajanam is being written as a progressive study and, as such, can be read like a book. Anyone arriving at any time can simply start at the very first post and work their way through at their own pace. Please take time to read the info tabs and ensure you don't miss a post, by subscribing to the blog. Interaction is welcomed. Don't be a spectator - be a participator!


Hari OM

Fridays are the 'gather our thoughts' days; Q&As; a general page reviewing the week so far...

The first week of Aatmaavrajanam closes.  Already one small change; the P-O-O-P has been updated and the comments opened. Moderation felt uncomfortable and, as suspected, folk took the opinion that it was done out of some sort of fear.  This was NOT the case, however. Rather, it is hoped that there will be good interaction built up as we go along and folk might feel that if things are too personal or sensitive for them, they would rather have privacy. To facilitate this, an email link is available on P-O-O-P. (All that administrative stuff is necessary - but does make life a bit stinky at times... who said philosophy was humourless???)

That said, as much as possible you are encouraged to ask your questions, voice your doubts and express the effects of what you read/experience.  Just as in a study group, this is what adds to the learning environment.

Gratitude is made to those who have 'joined' and commented already.  Your input is valued.  What can be revealed is that there are significantly more viewings (verified, not 'casual') than is immediately obvious; as is to be expected, many are being cautious and simply curious.  That is fine.  This is a place very different and will likely remain small.  It is true of Vedanta generally.  Only those who are ready to hear it will arrive. For some that will still be to remain 'at the door' but, as Yeshu (in St Matt ch 7 v 8) is reported as saying; "to him that knocketh, it shall be opened."

To gain the fullest and best benefit of walking with Aatmaavrajanam no step should be missed, no short-cuts sought.  This itself is a challenge.  Particularly for modern minds which are so used to 'dipping and picking'; for the self-educators, so sure that they can D-I-Y matters of spirit and health. This (now-retired) health professional can tell you that the most difficult and recalcitrant cases were those in which the patient was sure they had found their remedy and came along seeking approval of same; and who did not take well to being advised differently!  

It is a peculiar condition, the one of seeking advice and guidance and then finding ways to ignore it...

This points to one of the general diagnoses within Vedanta (indeed any philosophy); the fact that we are all diseased by ego.  The "I-ness and my-ness" of living.

In daily transaction, boundaries are required.  We become so 'bound' by them though, that they trap us and end up keeping us 'in' as much as they keep others 'out'.  Through appropriate thinking, right action, use of basic principles proven by centuries of application, we can overcome our little egos. In doing so we find relief from many of our pains and anxieties.  Even this alone is worth pursuing.

There will be many trials and tribulations, hurdles; we will fall, but must rise and return to the path. All the great sages and practitioners have told us so and proven it by following the path themselves.  We can choose; do we emulate their example or crumble before we have left the gate?

This roaming soul has chosen. Welcome to those who will keep it company.

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