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Fresh start

Hari OM

Here begins new sadhana; a daily discipline for betterment of the lesser self, with a view to drawing closer to union with the Greater Self.

This alone is the purpose of all researches into the philosophical aspects of the human condition and it is this which lends itself to becoming worship.  Touchy subject, the one of worship.  Too often the reaction is one of either defence or offence. The world is adrift even in this moment with differences based on how 'faith' is practiced.

There lies another potentially inflammatory word.  Faith.  It is a simple all-purpose word meaning to place trust in something which has no material substance.  It is a trust based on something so fragile, so numinous. When used in conjunction with 'philosophy' it takes on an ominous hue, (poor innocent word!).

There are those who see no purpose in philosophy of any type, least of all that which allows for a concept of existence beyond the physical. One thing is certain though.  Every intelligent being will at some point in life ask such questions as "Why is it that many in the world seem only to coast through life, whilst others hit every reef and maelstrom?..Is there a purpose to life?..Why????..." and others like them.  If they allow it, the enquiry can lead them down less-travelled routes, finding very personal and astoundingly beautiful places within themselves; cutting away at that which brings darkness, holds them back and interferes with their growth into the very best human beings they can be.  All valid philosophies, regardless of doctrinal practice, surely have this one aim.  Unity of being.

Whatever your chosen avenue of worship, sufficient inquiry will bring you to the knowledge base which underpins it.  That base is the same for all.  This site is brought to you by one who has chosen to walk the lesser known avenues; who has not been afraid to challenge "God"; unafraid to look beyond the words. You, the reader, will be one who is inquisitive, at the very least to learn about a different view, at best to work on your own spiritual improvement.  You will find that everything here will be usable within your own framework. No 'conversion' required!

Each day here, there will be offerings based upon personal readings, from teachings received, joys to be shared and encouragement to explore beyond your current boundaries.  It is a work in progress, because, after all, so is this roaming soul.

Om Shri Chinmaya Namah


  1. You're so right, Yam. Life is a work in progress. My blogging progress, for instance, is at a standstill while I explore other areas, most of them of a contemplative sort, as my physical energy is low.
    I think I will very much enjoy this journey with you, and hope to learn a great deal.
    Luv, K

  2. I shall be interested to follow your thinking as this blog develops, Yam.

  3. Hari Om

    May you be enlightened always!!

  4. Wonderful.

    I have tried several times to add you to my blog roll and for some reason it's not working. I will continue to try, however, because I love not only what you say but how you say it.



  5. SO the journey begins. Om Shanti.


Hari OM
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