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Making a List

Hari OM

Application - that is what 'Workings-days' are about!

Is that note book on the go yet?

By reading each day here you will have noted that, whilst there are different themes to each day of the week, all the threads are interconnected.  You may have thought one is more to your preference than another. That is fine. One of the things to note for yourself, however, is to which of the themes are you feeling most resistance? 

It is by facing up to our inner 'hurdles' that we can achieve the most progress. Often though, we are unaware of what those 'hurdles' actually are.  Peeling back the layers of the personality is, for many folk, a tentative, possibly risky or even threatening thing to do. What must be remembered here is that to transform our lives, to gain the very best from our practices irrespective of creed, it is imperative to 'come clean'. Cleansing is not only about bathing the body, but also ridding the psyche of all its dark places; the bits of ourselves from which we run.  

Self-honesty can be one of the most challenging aspects of taking up application of philosophy.  To have the words on the page become meaningful it is an absolute, 'must do', high priority item.

Two points before proceeding;

 - there is much which will be read throughout this journey which will appear as if 'psychology'; in some respects this is true but remember at all times that the teachings of the Rsis predates this modern attempt at 'unravelling' the being by a very considerable length of time.  What they presented was an accurate and clear deconstruction of the human condition... which at its core has not changed one iota!

 - there is to be no implication of guilt, chastisement, retribution, making amends or any other such familiar ways of dealing with our personality modification. As we move forward in the process of self-assessment and application of principals to adjust, it should be understood that what is required is acceptance ("this is part of me, I no longer wish it").  That is plain enough.  Admittedly, not always simple.

Clearly the writings on BMI, vaasanas and saadhana chatushtaya will provide the understanding of our natures and also the tools to be applied in correcting it. Salves to the soul are provided through soothing sounds and well managed meditations. Raising our awareness of different views on the same subjects and familiarising ourselves with saints, sages and heroic tales/parables all help in our reassessment; little by little we chip away at the walls we have built, fill in the wells in which we fear drowning, clamber the mountain of Being. Whether we approach it from the East, West, South, North or claim no direction, the peak remains the same. 

Integration. Unity. Yoga.

In the notebook (!) begin a list.  From next Workings-day we shall explore some of the traits which hold us back; time bombs of personality, some of which we will readily own and others from which we shall recoil yet still must be faced. The list exercise for now is to write the personality traits you currently recognise in yourself which you would prefer were better tempered, or eradicated. It is for your eyes only. The notebook now will also become your mirror.  Beware that, like a mirror, you do not let it lie to you. Accept what it shows.

"Ask not of things to shed their veils. Unveil yourselves and things will be unveiled."
(Mikhail Naimy - The Book of Mirdad)

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