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Random Ramble

Hari OM

The 'Free-days' page will be used for review, responses to issues raised and general topics.

The silence has been deafening. Well, not complete silence. It is, admittedly, early days yet and study-proper will take time to settle.  That said, yesterday such a wonderful response was given to what was the first 'pure' teaching given here. More on that below.

By now it is hoped that the 'rhythm' of this site will have become clear.  Each day is dedicated to an aspect of learning.  We all absorb our input in different ways and, depending on our personality make-up, there are going to be some ways which appeal more, or which impress the knowledge more cleanly within us. There are constraints. The teachings being provided, albeit it in modern idiom and with 'personality' of the presenter, must remain strictly within the parameters set by Guru Parampara.  Do not mistake this as some kind of indoctrination! Wisdom is only ever wisdom.  How it is presented may change, but the wisdom itself cannot.  That is why Lord Jesus, the Buddha, Sri Krishna, Laozi...(name your prophet, saint or sage!)... essentially all bring the same message.

One difficulty, however, it that often only the surface of their words are understood. There are those who take the words purely for their dictionary meaning - a problem found with translation - which, whilst in transactional living can still be of guidance and comfort, can build a wall so large, those barricaded behind it may no longer actually see the sunrise...

Further, error can be compounded by looking for what we want within the words, rather than letting them tell us what we need. Sadly, history shows some highly unscrupulous use of scripture to defend behaviours which any decent, properly thinking human being knows to be wrong. That is indoctrination. Taking vulnerable minds and bending them to nefarious pursuits. It is important to recognise that it is not the philosophies which promote mayhem and disorder (if they do they are not a philosophy but, rather a doctrine specific to the target group), but the interpretation of them; interpretation is a human, ego-based activity and requires enormous clarity and awareness to ensure no 'twisting'.

Within the gurukula system of teaching there is very little margin for error! There is room for debate and divisiveness, comparison and contrast. It was the basis of education in India until the Victorians got hold of things and decided European schooling was the only way.

Having experienced the traditional, this writer can tell you; they were wrong.

Today marks Indian independence from British rule.  This blog is a spiritual one, but it is centred on a teaching which arose from its very heart. It would be remiss therefore not to acknowledge माता भारत /
Maataa Bhaarata (Mother India).

On a slightly different tack now and back to the wonderful experience Pearl shared with us in yesterday's comments. It is a simple fact that so many of us experience sensations and 'other-state-ness', particularly in childhood (and without assistance of 'substances') yet will invariably brush them aside - or have them stamped upon by others such that we bury them.

Put as succinctly as possible, these moments equate to the Universal Mind reaching out. No matter what kind of exposure one has to whatever form of spirituality, if the part of the Great Spirit that has manifested as 'Pearl', or 'John' or 'Doe' has done enough work in previous manifestations, it will start to be called ... 'ome.

If it has been really good, it will find its way to Vedanta.  Then the final work is faced. Not all who reach the doors of Vedanta are able to stay in its halls.  Still, that itself will have been enough to ensure that the next manifestation will start to reach.  Such experiences as have been described, if the spirit is awakening well, cannot be ignored.  What we have to beware is falling into the trap of thinking that our experience is an 'endgame'.  There is further to go! No matter how incredible the experience, there is still something better. That something is the Knowledge to end all knowledge.

It is an amazing claim.  Striving for it an even more amazing experience. Are you ready to strive for the sound of silence?

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