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To Whom the Credit?

Hari OM

'Freedays' are the 'gather our thoughts' days; Q&As; a general page reviewing the week so far...

Welcome friends; how do you find things as the week draws to close?

It had occurred that some may think this a place of theory only, despite invitations to take action at your side of the screen.  This feeling was alleviated somewhat by the comment yesterday that the transcript on BMI was being printed off in order to re-read and absorb the information.

It is fine to do this, unless specifically asked not to - say for any copyright or similar reason. Scripture cannot be copyrighted. What does get copyrighted are works of translation, interpretation, reinvention and such. To claim copyright is to claim authorship.  In many cases, human authorship can be identified, but is of course, still ancient and well beyond copyright laws. There are very clear definitions in the Sanskrit tradition. This will get discussed further once we approach more serious texts. It is fair enough, though, that those who produce works of genuine intent to assist one in understanding the deeper mysteries of the world, copyright their work and seek recompense for the effort. To give context, for example, The Bhagavad Gita is not itself copyright, however Gurudev's translation and treatises on the Gita are; likewise, those who produce particular styles and/or illustrations for Gita imprints may copyright their artistry - but not the text itself.

The Sanskrit teachings, handed down through gurukula, are not copyrighted.  Each of us who has attended the gurukula of Sandeepany Sadhanalaya is expected, with guru's blessings, to promote the teaching (albeit in limited form) to those we meet in the world. Limited in the sense that in no way could the full experience of guru-shishya relationship be conveyed except to be in the experience of it. It is important that the message be given accurately - the core teaching has remained unchanged for centuries; the shishya may use their own 'sytle' but what is taught remains the same. Additionally, it is the purpose of the shishya, in becoming the aachaarya (teacher) to implement practice for themselves and to integrate all that has been learned from the guru, to continue learning and to apply themselves for the purpose of moksha.

Thus saadhana is inherent in the teaching.  Think not that words are merely being spruiked; application, questions and reprimands are made to 'this one' who makes claims on behalf of advaita herewith!

It could be argued that the words presented by Gurudev and subsequently in the transcription given here are covered by copyright.  The BMI chart is Gurudev's own invention. However, this was not something which concerned him.  Getting the message across did. The motto of Chinmaya Mission is
Understanding firstly what constitutes happiness is key; a key that is found through gaining thorough understanding of who is this "I". The deceptive simplicity of the BMI equation is one of Gurudev's gifts and he epitomised the concept of Mahatma.  A truly great soul. A little more exploration on this tomorrow.

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