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BMI - foundations of drive.

Hari OM

'Text-days' are for delving into the words and theory of Advaita Vedanta.

This week we read the final part of Gurudev's introduction to the BMI chart and explanation of the conditions of bondage for the spirit.

When thus the great aachaarya (teacher) had found that they (Rsis) gave the prescription - go beyond the BMI and reach the goal, the destination, that beyond evolution, the God-state, the all blissful - he found that the people were not able to.  Naturally therefore the enquiry started as to what gives the BMI such might and power that they can persecute? They belong to me, but I have no control over them at this moment.

When a vehicle (these are my vehicles) is not under your control it is better not to drive it. A motor cycle or a car if it for a single, split moment, goes out of your control - it's called skidding - you know the problem. You end up in the nearest hospital, along with half a dozen others. They cursing you, because they all fell into the accident because you skidded…  you break a few bones… in this way, at this moment, is it not that every one of you, every moment, is skidding?  None us have any control over the equipments. So I skid on you, you skid on him and he skids on me… and then you say that in samsaar (the world of plurality) there is no peace.  So you organise a UN for peace…

The more they try to bring world peace, the more the world becomes pieces.

WHY?  It remains in yourself. Your self-discipline, your ability to control your equipment. Therefore, when (Rsis) found it is so powerful, they started enquiring where are they getting this power to persecute me? As a result of that investigation, they discovered the factor represented by the letter 'V' and it is called vaasanas. There is no corresponding English word for it, because in the modern psychology they have not gone into these depths. They are in the surface only; the conscious mind, the subconcsious mind and recently they have accepted the unconscious mind.  All these three are springing forth from the very bottom, the depth of psychological level and that is what you call vaasana.

Vaasanas are the inclinations that are left on you due to your past thoughts and actions. They are the 'habits'.  Left over.  Channels of thinking into which all your thoughts at any given moment are ready to flood out. That which gives direction and purpose to all your thinking personality.

The vaasanas determine the contours of your physical, intellectual and emotional personality. These are the tendencies. Gathered by each one of us as we came along the avenue of time, in our march of evolution. Instead of thinking in terms of evolution, which is rather difficult for a student suddenly to remember, think of this life only. You and I at this moment are a product of our past. In the past, during this life, what we have thought of and acted we have today channeled to repeat. It's called habit.

The smoker cannot live without smoking, the drunkard cannot live without drinking, the coffee lover cannot live without coffee. Why? These are all habits that have been formed. At the right time all your thoughts run in that direction. You cannot but in certain discover and satisfy.  Think.  These are called tendencies.  Tendencies describe our present personality and field of function.

These (V) are unmanifest.  Manifest is that which can be perceived in BMI… These are unmanifest just as unmanifested flowers in the bush, in winter, or in deep summer, the flowers are not there. But when the spring time comes all the unmanifested flowers bloom forth. Similarly these are the silent tendencies in each one of us, which manifests through us and that is called our personality, our history. Our life. 

Did you take notes?  NO?! Well here is your chance to make your own scribblings.  Listen now to Gurudev; having read the previous five weeks, you should find that you can follow quite well even if unaccustomed to the Indian accent. You will hear all the bits that have not been included in the transcript and will get a feel for Gurudev's flair. The purpose of this however is SHRAVANAM - listening! Not to the words alone, but their intent and deeper meaning. As you listen, note in yourself any resistances... from the basic instinct "this is too strange, too foreign" (we do not know our prejudice until faced with it) through to the positive thinking "oh that point is worth asking more about..." (finding true enthusiasm and curiosity).

Now ask your questions, voice your doubts, express concerns.... this is a place to share and care.

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