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Winning Formula

Hari Om 

Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality and become more congruent within our personality.

Last week the fourth of the saadhana chatushtaya was given and tomorrow there is a post on the two remaining shlokas with which to work.  One of the useful tasks for you now would be to draw up a little chart for yourselves in the workbook you have started ("/) in any manner you wish, to aid your memorising of the four qualities.  Why commit to memory?  Think of it as the basic arithmetic of living.  Hardly a day will pass where we do not at some point have to work out a sum.  Had we not properly understood addition, subtraction, division or multiplication this would become onerous and make life difficult.

Viveka could be equated to addition; looking for the real is looking for the positive, looking for the Truth behind everything.  It adds to our lives.

Vairagya, having seen what is not real, leaves it alone.  What is not real, subtracts from our lives.

Shamaadhi-shat-sampatti is the divisional aspect of life… a little of each, properly measured will give us a result beyond the obvious had we taken the figures as they were (world as it is).

Mumukshatvam - if we have applied our earlier skill of working out life, it cannot fail to multiply our desire to do better!

Many will say "I did no good at sums and tables!" Sometimes, depending on the learning environments, there is even a fear and abhorrence built up at the sight of figures.  This is a sad thing for so much of the physical world is dependent on the formulae which arise from those very numbers.  Likewise, our inner universe depends on the basic formulae of spiritual science.  If we have been soured by poor environments, punishment rather than reward, fear rather than joy, there may well be resistance to incorporation of anything which resembles 'rules'.

Think on!  Very often, in rebutting rules we consider are being imposed upon us, we have to counter by developing a set of rules of our own; self-designed algorithms! There is no getting away from numbers.  There is no getting away from rules.  The difference is, all too often, that numbers without established rules become messy. They refuse to serve us and we are left bereft.  We can chase them all we like, but unless we finally adhere to the established wisdom, we become victims of numbers rather than their masters.  The same holds true for the rules of the saadhana chatushtaya (or all other similar instructions). There comes a time where we are faced with the choice; to surrender to the wisdom of the ages… or not.

We shall continue to check in on progress measured against the chatushtaya.  Learn them well; you will not regret it.

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  1. Yea,it is better we should lay down our own rules leading to meaningful reasons.Nicely evaluated,Yamini.


Hari OM
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