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Hari Om

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What is it that keeps us going? At anything? Is it the desire to complete; the trust that there will be reward; ...survival? The underpinning factor of any justification and description of purpose is surely 'faith'. At a basic, operational level it is faith that what is being undertaken, whatever our task or travail, is for a purpose which will be of some benefit.  That can be simple daily exchange of action, working to eat; or it can be as enormous as humanitarian activity.

The nature of the faith can vary though.  It can be dogged and blinkered, surrendering power to others who tell us "if you do A then B will result".  This faith doesn't question, it doesn't truly ponder the bigger questions and at its worse, can beat on others in order to prove itself.

Then there is the faith which demands knowledge; will not take things at face value, will not beat or allow itself to be beaten.

In casting about, wondering what to share with you here today, the matter of 'faith' appeared in the form of a short video with Gurudev's voice, discussing exactly the case of faith.  Why would anyone keep attempting to meditate, to read daily, to make prayers.... it can all seem so 'hard', so 'dry'...  it is, Gurudev tells us, because we hear that inner call and sense the greater pull.  That still, small voice within ever singing to us, "hurry home - hari om!" Please take your time with this video, use full shravanam and take heart; faith has brought you here and it will carry you ever forward.

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  1. True,Yamini. Until unless one has faith,life becomes dull and aimless.What Guruji said is inspiring that faith in the eternal help us pour out our sleeping potential and dormant power.Nice versions of faith.


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