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Master Mind

Hari OM

Application - that is what 'Workings-days' are about!

By now your little workbooks ought to be expanding! Noting all the technical words, keeping track of saadhana, … charting the vices and virtues and how they play their part in your life. Maintaining the workbook (or spreadsheet or other such recording mechanism) is part of Self-care. The whole basis of spiritual practice and philosophical exploration is Self-care. The little self may stamp its foot and protest the need for such an exercise, but the Self which is the true observer, the actual you, will thank you for the care.

It is trusted that you have been applying appropriate mananam to each of the items given thus far; taken them and held them up to your own intellectual light, turned them, 'tasted' them and tested them. This is mananam.

One thing ought to have become clear.  The greatest hurdle to happiness is the personality… or to put it more correctly, the mind. From next week, we shall be taking up the fundamental principals of Vedanta (guided by the book 'Kindle Life') and in due course, the make up of the mind will be approached. (This is where it would be truly useful for you to have a copy of the book in your possession… check back to the Friday 14th Nov post for links for purchase of one.)

Today, though, a video to bridge the gap.  Swamini Vimalananda here presents a clear and entertaining discourse on what is mind and how it rules us.  Some of the facets already covered here at Aatmaavrajanam will be spoken of, so there should be a sense of familiarity.  It is hoped that you will at times go "oh yes I recognise that word, or oh yes we noted that…"  At other times of course, it will seem foreign and esoteric.  This is as it should be in a learning situation.  It is no good the student coming along and saying, 'oh I know all this'!  Even what you think you know, if you are listening carefully, can be advanced and strengthened.

This is of one hour and eighteen minutes duration. If  you cannot sit right this minute to listen, then do please use the 'watch later' function. Give yourself the care, and swami-ji the respect, of listening the full length.  It is a practice of shravanam.  Take notes if you wish. There will be new technical words along the way. Don't worry, we will cover them later. There are also some mutterings in Hindi; swami-ji always makes clear her point so do not be distracted by this.

Most of all, enjoy the lively presentation and take on board this notion…..... 

"Mind is mine alone to master".

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