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Meri Ishta Devataa

Hari OM

Sounds-day is for listening/viewing a variety of devotional items from and for all ages and traditions.

Yesterday we learned that essence of 'God' is everywhere but that, for many, the need to have a physical connection brings about the requirement for a tangible focal point of worship.  Of the Hindu pantheon, this Roaming Soul holds most dearly the presence of Christ in His form of Sri Rama...another who was born to a fully human existence in order to set example and lead others to higher standards.  

The Ramaayana, along with Mahabhaarata and Srimad Bhagavata are such important stories to the Hindu. Believe it or not, you have never really seen sit-com, soap opera or melodrama until you have experienced one or all of these!  All of life is portrayed, but most importantly of all, the correct way to rise above the errors and tragedies.

Singing of bhajans/hymns is a method of worship the world over and in all faiths.  In the Indian tradition, repetition is held high, as the continual chanting of a phrase can bring the devotee into a space of complete love and joy.  This one is a good example and it has the words up for you to join in!!!

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