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OM Shravanam

Hari OM

Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation.

When there are thoughts, it is distraction: when there are no thoughts, it is meditation.
(Ramana Maharishi)

The ultimate aim is to dwell in the spaces between thoughts.  That is where magic happens. 'Mind' is the state of the ego processing thoughts.  Thoughts are images. In very rapid succession images pass and we formulate all sorts of nonsense for ourselves.  We tend to perceive the constant flow of thoughts as a single river; but just as between every molecule of water there is space, so there is space between each thought.  This is the place we seek for our eternal exaltation.

Reaching for such as this, we are forced to ponder up on the concept.  THOUGHTS!!! At least these are now becoming more directed, clearer and purer thoughts.  All good.

Keep up the saadhana as has been in place.  Do so in silence.

For today, as a small relief but also an assistance to focus for you sitting at your computer now, here is a 20 minute OM chanting.  Before clicking play, ensure you have a good posture and perhaps put earphones to enhance the experience.  Do not at this point attempt the chanting yourself (we will discuss this soon). Simply focus on the image (go to full screen and you can click away the advertising banners).  One or other of the coloured points will become the main focal point for you.  Allow your eyes to relax on a point and keep the mind alert to the sound of OM only.  As with the silent meditational practice, if you find the mind wandering, be its boss and order it still!

 Leave comments (or email) of your experience.

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