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Yet another reader threw out the 'scratching head' comment to this week's Workings-day post. It cannot be repeated enough that you must not be disheartened if you do not immediately grasp the concepts or understand some of the terminology. Did you all know exactly what e=mc2 entailed, the first time you read it? (Okay, so some still don't but at least the majority now know to what it relates!)

Last week here, the spectre of 'quantum' understanding was touched upon. It's a scary subject for many; just as Vedanta at first glance of its inner workings can seem scary. Einstein called quantum theory "spooky"! Even one of the greatest minds of all time could not make that final leap into another possibility. It is the sort of leap which meditators must allow themselves...eventually. There comes a point at which nothing more of the physical world can be known and therefore, to explain existence, we must transcend physical exploration and experience. Science is now beginning to catch up with this understanding which the Rsis had and shared with us oh so very long ago. Why is it so hard? It is because it means accepting that there is, in fact, no such thing as 'individual'.

There are many things to be found online which delve into this science versus philosophy aspect. It is brought up here because, for those who are ready to explore in this direction, it offers possibilities beyond words. This is, in fact, is where the word 'awesome' truly comes into its own.

Here is one compilation of physicists sharing their views on quantum, interspersed with the philosophical connection; sadly the quality of sound is not brilliant and there is an unfortunate backing track - think of it as an exercise in एकाग्रत/ekaagrata (single-pointedness) of श्रवणम्/shravanam (listening)!

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