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Force of Change

Hari Om

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Yesterday, prayer was introduced into our saadhana mix. Majority people are brought up with prayer being somewhere in their life - even if it was only at school assembly. How many really get to grips with its power though?

Prayer, to have genuine strength, requires surrender. Yes.  All prayer. Regardless of faith structure. The power lies in knowing that removing the ego element in life creates space for miracles. What's this now? Miracles. Those things which happen unexpectedly but with positive outcome. If you watch carefully, if you get out of your own way, there are miracles around you for the finding every day. It is hard to see them because we wear these ego-goggles so easily.

Prayer is a tool of intervention. We can commit to daily prayer (such as the food prayer given yesterday) on a regular basis as in intervention on our ego - to overcome gluttonous tendency for example. We can pray as an intervention on a global scale also, for and on behalf of those who are suffering more than we are at the present time. When we pray as part of a group, the power of the prayer is magnified beyond the sum of the numbers making it.

Prayer is an atunement with the Higher. It is supplication. We are accepting that there is a force - call it what you will - which is more powerful than our puny selves which can, if we let it, bring us to a place of acceptance, forgiveness, confession and peace. A place where we can begin the changes we wish to see.

It is not selfish. It may be for ourself, but only the self which has surrendered. The ego which whines 'why me...what if... why don't you...' will not experience miracles and will find little solace. If it is the Lord's complaints department you want, prayer is not the channel. Rant, rave, yell and holler all you like at Him and he will absorb your angst; then will let you get on with things until you finally reach the point where you recognise that it is  necessary just to fall before Him and offer up that hurting ego.

That is when you must stop. After all that asking, wait for the answer. You won't hear if you don't listen.This is the shift into meditation. Be prepared for surprising and sometimes challenging responses. Oh yes, they will come.

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