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You Read, Now Listen...

Hari OM

Story-day is for cultural exploration, puraanas and parables and finding out about leading lights in spiritual philosophy.

Last week you were given a swath of words telling something of the story of Adi Shankaraacharya, deemed the 'father of Advaita Vedanta'. Actually it existed before the time of Bhaashya Kaara, however it was not at all ordered, not accessible;  this saint collated, treatised and was thus responsible for bringing a disparate, disorganised theory into a cohesive philosophical structure. It is therefore fitting to look at his own story from a number of angles.  

In this video (part two next week) you will here Swami Ishwarananda talking on the work of the Great Saint of Advaita.  This is not repetition, rather you will hear what the process and basis for advaita is as put forward by Adi Shankara, whose use of logic is unparalleled. Much will be put into context with scripture also.  

Swami-ji is the resident aachaarya for Los Angeles CM and is a direct disciple of Gurudev. Attune your ears! You are reminded to worry not about use of Sanskrit or Hindi during the talk, these do not greatly affect the understanding of the subject as a whole. There is one term used very early which is worth noting; in referring to the Chaarvaka (materialist) philosophy, 'piina, kaama, sunno' is said; this means 'wine, women, song'. (tip - intro is four minutes, so you may wish to skip to minute 4:15 ... also note how wonderful Swami-ji's OM chant is!!!)


  1. I looked through your other blog, where you have interesting photos, and I thought that the world is poor in spirit.

    1. Hari Om

      Hello Mariusz! Thank you for visiting...both places &*> Your comment here is intriguing; am allowing for perhaps some loss in language difference, and taking it that you enjoyed the photoblog and that perhaps it lifted your spirit somewhat? If so, then the aim has been achieved. For certainly it could be said there is so much 'the world' would do to try and bring us down.

      An important factor, if you wish to take a Vedantic view, is to understand that 'the world' as such does not have spirit...only the individual consciousnessess which populate it. If 'the world' (samsaara in Sanskrit terms) is to become a unit giving out a message of love to the greater universe, then it is necessary that each little individual consciousness becomes Self-responsible. When each component consciousness is working at maximum output, then the unit of which it is a miniscule part begins to look better. One thing we know for certain is that, if the Sun persists, it will melt the snow, burn away the clouds and bring warmth even to the shadows. Where there is light, darkness runs.

      This is an interesting concept and now the idea is there to write a fuller composition on it for the next 'Free-day' post! Thank you.



Hari OM
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