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Who Are You?

Hari Om

'Freedays' are the 'gather our thoughts' days; Q&As; a general review of the week so far…

It has been a busy week here at the Aatmaavrajanam 'office'. Cross-country travelling, caring for a poorly parent, dealing with sibling angst. You know the sorts of things, don't you?  This is the nature of life in the secular world.

For some, the daily processing of such things becomes all-encompassing, even overwhelming. Some appear to cope with alacrity, others can quite literally be turning in circles. Others will be battling things head-on, still more will demonstrate skill at managing, or retreating, or making believe nothing is happening at all. Each and every one of us is likely to have a different way of dealing with the same situation.

Modern psychology keeps reinventing the wheel as far as classification of behavioural and personality types are concerned. Yet it consistently fails the individual due to objectifying the process. Labelling oneself as 'alpha' or 'ENFP' or any variety of other such descriptives based on a closed circuit range of assessments only goes part of the way to explaining who we are, how we go about things and why. It is not that they are invalid.  They are, however, incomplete. Most are looking for predetermined responses. This is due to the fact that, for a large part of his makeup, the human critter is rather predictable.

The teachings of the Rsis absolutely agrees with this fact. They too came up with classifications. However, their science and logic extends far beyond a set of Q&As by which the sadhak can assess themselves or others. After having started the process, Vedantic teaching challenges the seeker to delve ever deeper into themselves.

It makes no judgement. It makes no accusation. It makes no statement that the 'type' is singular or unchangeable. It makes no empty promise or leaves the seeker hanging.

It does determine and outline the basic types. It does make clear that none of us can escape these classifications. It does demonstrate that we are, each of us, all of the types rolled into one, but the balance is what makes the difference. It does offer hope of change and provides the wherewithal to pick oneself up.

Like medicine, if taken according to prescription, Vedanta cannot fail us. We alone fail if we vary from the guidelines or deafen ourselves to the experience of those who have gone before and proven the value.

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