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Hari Om

Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation.

We have spent quite an intense few weeks looking more closely at AUM. Never stop looking! Eventually, even OM must leave. The search is not external, remember, it is not the symbol, but what the symbol conveys which we must absorb. To reach a state of emptiness with awareness is a long and sometimes arduous process.

There will be more exploration, pointing to deeper significance, as well as working our way towards doing the actual chanting for ourselves.

Today, though, a little 'holyday'; prepare yourself with aasana and praana and play this Tibetan-style chanting for its duration (less than 12 minutes). When it is complete, if you have been able to focus on the 'inner eye' sufficiently, it will take some moments for you to draw yourself out of it. Therefore this might also come with the standard "do not take if operating heavy machinery, driving or planning the housework" warning!

Take note of your aasana and praana at the conclusion of your meditation with this sound guide. If you have things correctly balanced, there will have been no movement throughout and your posture will still be erect and the breathing slow and deep.


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Hari OM
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