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Life & its Perfection

Hari Om

Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality and become more congruent within our personality.

KINDLE LIFE. We continue exploring points raised by HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda-ji in the publication of this name. Remember, you can purchase, (very economically!), the book from  Chinmaya Mission Publications or if you prefer, the Amazon Link. Thus you can read Gurudev's words directly and bring your own voice to the discussion.

(This is a continuation of a discourse - please read the previous Choose-day post for complete picture.)

The Rsis did not consider life to be meaningless. They viewed life as something which offered the highest potentialities for perfection. If Darwin visualized a greater and nobler stage of supermanhood, according to the Rsis, this supermanhood (or Godhood) can be achieved by man in this very life, through an intelligent process of self-integration and meditation. In their view, Truth (Reality) is One, All-pervading. They concluded, then, that life must be the basis of everything perceivable in nature. Thus, they found that in all layers of life among the living beings and the existing things, Life (Truth) expresses itself in varying degrees and in different languages. The various equipment constituted of names and forms in the world were divided into four groups; inert stone life, plant life, animal life and man life.  In all these four layers of varying degrees of Life, they tried to see the expression of it.

They found that Life in the inert stone simply expresses as existence, while, when we come to plant life we Life has started expressing through a more developed equipment with the vaguest awareness of an external environment. In animal life, compared to plant life, there is again an increased variety and complexity of equipment along with a greater awareness and interaction with environment and each other. Also, for a few of the higher levels of animal life, there may be some 'self' awareness, albeit very basic.

In man life though, the finest equipment is found; large amounts of 'awareness', termed now as 'consciousness' which permits the greatest amount of expression and interaction with the environment, with others in that environment, but also within themselves.

Thus, when we view nature, we understand that beneath the superficial contentions of names and forms, the confusion of values and the complication of the problems of life, runs a scheme silently fulfilling itself.  To complete this scheme, therefore, should be the grand aim of Life. From the lowest evaluates to the members of the highest grade developed, there is at every stage a greater expression of consciousness and therefore to realise that in itself, if at all possible, would be the peaceful and perfect, the dynamic and divine goal of existence.

In order that our BMI, (body, mind, intellect), may be driven to this Self-discovery and to be fully aware of the Pure Consciousness in ourselves, we have appeared in the field of activity with the sorrows it brings, the limitations of power, the imperfections; all encouraging 'whips' that make us run on the road and reach our goal earlier.

The greater our identification with the matter envelopment, the greater become our sorrows. To detach ourselves through right understanding and correct discrimination from these erroneous connections, is to reach ultimately the Pure and the eternal Self within us. If a progressive liquidation of the perceived plurality is thus possible as we view the pluralistic world from deeper and subtler layers in ourselves, it appears clear that there must be a still subtler fact within, from the gates of which we shall have the vision of the All-pervading Divine…

LIFE IS ONE. A being is considered to be living when it is conscious of the outer world or both the outer and inner world.  Therefore, to live consciously is to fully live Life; a life that is one without a second everywhere, throbbing in and through the different equipment in different degrees of experiences.

The purer the mind and lesser the number of agitations, the greater is the consciousness that beams through such an individual and he becomes prophet, saint, sage; one who gathers unto himself the world of beings in the compelling embrace of Love. He comes to experience and live entirely in unison with this sacred life as expressed through the multiple equipment, all around the universe in terms of Conscious Awareness.  He is a God-man; his state is supermanhood.  Such a man - call him Krishna, Christ, Mohammad, Mahadeva, Buddha, Shankara…- appears on Earth to lead and guide his generation from time to time.

With the magic of his love and the strength and sharpness of his wisdom, he tries to erase the animalism in mankind an to lift the entire generation to a higher pedestal of peaceful co-existence in a web of mutual love and understanding. be continued...

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