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Day of Saints

Hari OM

Story-day is for cultural exploration, puraanas and parables and finding out about leading lights in spiritual philosophy.

On any given day, somewhere in the world, a saint or venerated soul is acknowledged by devotees. In Hindu tradition, other than iishta devataa days (Ramnavami, Krishna Janmashtami and so on), the tendency is to revere the guru lineage from which one has learned most. For example, Ramana Maharshi, mentioned here last week, or Adi Shanakara, whose feast day is 23rd of this month. Very soon it will Gurujayanti of Sw. Chinmayanda, (Gurudev).

Within the Catholic tradition, today alone can be found a list of 14 personalities whose feast day this is. Among them, St Apollonius the Apologist; St Agia and St Athanasia (two women who were wives whose husbands took orders, so they did also); Saints Calocerus, Corebus, Eleutherius and Perfectus who were all martyrs to their faith; Saints Gebuinus, Galdinus, Cogitosus, Wicterp, Peter of Betancur and Laserian who all furthered the ministry and the Blessed Marie-Anne Blondin.

Are there some furrowed brows now? Are search engines whirring? Take some help here! That site does not mention the last on the list above however.

Born Esther Blondin in Quebec, this lady was 48 years of age when she took orders and formed a religious group dedicated to bringing education to the poor. One of the 'highlights' was that she advocated for joint schooling - i.e. boys and girls together, which till then had been forbidden. There is an excellent write-up at though it does not mention that the 'difficulties' between Bl. Blondin and her Abbe were due to his being patriarchal and domineering, making demands of the sisters of the house to which mother Marie-Anne could not accede.

An important point here is that, despite relative obscurity, saints are to be found everywhere! Each and every day there are folk doing selfless and dedicated works on behalf of their community, their country and in the name of their Lord.  Part of the Hindu tradition is that every one we meet may turn out to be a guru to us, in the sense that they may say or do something to us - or present us with an opportunity to say or do something for them - which will take us a step or two closer to enlightenment. All of these and countless others recognised the need to rise above circumstances and events and stay rooted in The Higher.

Here are some words from Apollonius;
Oh Lord Jesus Christ
Give us a measure of Thy spirit
Image result for apollonius the apologistThat we may be enabled to obey
Thy teaching
To pacify anger
To take part in pity
To moderate desire
To increase love
To put away sorrow
To put away sorrow
To cast away vain-glory
To not be vindictive
To not fear death
Ever entrusting our spirit to immortal God
Who with Thee and the Holy Ghost
Liveth and reigneth, world without end.



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