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Adopt Non-attachment

Hari Om

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Much of the application of Vedanta in life is about vairagya - learning the skill of involvement without attachment. It is a life skill which holds everyone in good stead who is willing to make the efforts to hone it. A fortunate few are born with an inherent ability to walk in the world but be not of it. Majority, though, get caught up in egoism, emotionalism and all the other wear and tear of life.

Vairaagya may be a Sanskrit word, but it is not a condition which is exclusive to those of Sanskrit heritage. It is a life condition applicable to the entirety of humanity. Releasing all sense of 'me-ness' and 'my-ness' is a most freeing state.  It is not, as Gurudev points out, that one must adopt a state of distance and harshness; it is not that life has to be miserable in order for it to be deemed as 'spiritual'; nor is it a place of hiding in order to avoid the ups and downs of life.  It is a state of constant emotional balance; a place of clear seeing resulting from determining correct value (via viveka) of all things and happenings in life; a condition of acknowledgement and moving on to whatever comes next, without the need for over-reaction or a hankering to linger.

Vairaagya permits us to experience each moment for the value it has and move on from it gracefully. In vairagya, there is no rushing the thing to avoid pain, nor holding the thing to try and maintain joy. These two conditions are present in every moment and if we do not permit each moment to be what it is, we alter our ability to live life fully.

A vairaagi is not unfeeling; the tears will come as will the laughter. However, a vairaagi does not wallow in sorrow nor get lost in high emotion.

Enjoy life, but let not life enjoy you!


  1. This is exactly what I needed to read today, thank you.

  2. Hari Om
    ....and, Jacqueline, thank you! &*> Blessings and wishes for your each and every moment...YAM xx


Hari OM
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