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By Which...?

Hari Om

'Freedays' are the 'gather our thoughts' days; Q&As; a general review of the week so far…

What is in a name?

On the Workings-day post this week the full impact of OM was pointed out in reference to what is also a Biblical understanding - that 'in the beginning…'

In the New Testament, it is stated that the word was 'God', and the name 'God' stuck. Old Testament would, though, have more likely had it as "Yah" or "Yahweh", which is much closer to sound vibration as with OM. The Sufi term is HU. In Australian Aboriginal spiritual teaching, there can be no name for the great beginning, but refer to it they must, so it is called as The Dreaming… is it irony, or is it the closeness to spirit they carry, that this in many respects is the best description? 

In Vedanta we learn, ultimately, that everything we are, all that we see, the very nature itself as it is manifest, is nothing but the dream of Brahman!

Any who would say that to use a name or a word or a descriptive other than "God", as in "Jesus", is false, has got stuck on the name being definitive - and ultimately "God" cannot be defined. "God" is not a thing to be owned. Any who would use "God" as premise for carrying out heinous acts and to throw viscious words against fellow human beings, decrying their systems of faith which are as valid as any other, do not know "God".

"God" does not know race, creed, gender, colour, species. These are just names which we, incompetents that we are, have used to separate ourselves and to serve our egos. All are one in Him, ego-less, colourless, race-less, gender-less… There is no prejudice where "God" is.

By giving name to THAT, we have created our divisions. They do not serve us well as long as we see only division. All who would claim a desire to know "God", will drop all such preconceptions. They will rise to the call of the elders and sages of centuries past and whose messengers are still to be found. The only way forward for 'religion' is to find the common ground. Only there will boundaries fall and names will mean nothing. THAT which all true seekers know, will lift them and their name shall be one with THAT.

...and even nameless, It will smell sweeter than any rose...

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