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Story-day is for cultural exploration, puraanas and parables and finding out about leading lights in spiritual philosophy.

In keeping with the celebration within Chinmaya Mission this week, a short video of Gurudev telling the story of Krishna addressing Arjuna regarding performing one's duty in the face of all distraction. Be centred. Be focused… For your ease in case of trouble with accent, transcript is provided beneath.

Hey Dhananjaya, - yogasthah kuru karmani - Do all your functions, all your performances all your actions centred in your ideal. Be it God or an ideal in the world outside. Hold on to it and act in the world outside.

siddhyasiddhyoh samo bhutva - And once you have entered into the field of action, don’t you ever get fluttered by success or failure... siddhi or asiddhi. You act on, unperturbed, by the various obstacles that might arise in your path.

When mother Ganges starts from the peaks of the Himalayas, she has already decided to go and reach Bay of Bengal. She is flowing down, millions of gallons of water per minute. Do you think that her path is red carpeted? “This way please, this way.” No! Every square inch there are obstructions, small pebbles on the roadside, I mean on the bed of the river, gives a beautiful melody, a songful sound from the water rumbling through it. When she meets a little obstacle, she gracefully jumps over it. If that obstacle is little higher and she cannot jump over it, she doesn’t stop there and despair saying that, “What can I do?” She collects her white saree and goes around it… foaming lather around.

Supposing she meets a range of mountains, she can’t jump over it. She can’t go around it. She doesn’t, she giggles... takes it a joke and rubbing her shoulder at the foot of the mountain, she goes and she knows the mountain cannot be for eternal time. It may be one mile or two miles ... and where the mountain has ended, she turns around the mountain and again proceeds in the same direction that she has decided in the peak of the Himalayas. Ultimately she pulls herself into the Bay of Bengal and reaches all the seven oceans of the world.


Be like Mother Ganges. You have a goal, no doubt- and higher the goal, greater you must expect obstacles enroute. But no obstacle should upset you. Meet them diligently. Where it can be jumped over, jump over. If you cannot, go around it, if you cannot, wait.  proceed when the obstacle is ended; turn again and continue your direction. That is the way to achieve things.

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