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Firm, Yet Gentle

Hari OM

'Free-days' are the 'gather our thoughts' days; Q&As; a general view of the week so far...

We can look at this advice in respect to the simple forms of service, such as we find (or expect to find!) over the counter of a bank or shop, for example. We know how it feels to be properly served, with due attention to our needs or concerns. We also know how it feels to be ignored, or brushed aside, or even with outright rudeness. As if we were a nuisance to the banker or shopkeeper.

Why would we continue to bring our business to such a place?

Now, think! Service can be in many capacities, not just the obvious. It can be at home, in the preparation of food, or other such regular 'chores' which serve our family. It might be that we have taken on a volunteer role at an institution for animals or children, or adults with difficulties or any other manner of things. Or perhaps we are top level executives, serving a company and, by default, its clients.

What kind of 'servant' are we?

There are always going to be moments where our patience is tested. However, we must guard against our own tiredness, our own levels of intolerance or any sense of entitlement to bully or hassle another.

For many, to avoid public rancour, they will keep things balanced at work, but may inflict the angst and anger on those nearest and dearest; those who have as much right to our high standard of care and service as any client. Conversely, there are those who keep things even at home, but become tyrants in the workplace. Neither of these is satisfying the advice given here by Gurudev. It is not that there cannot be appropriate moments of reprimand; a child who seeks to touch fire, for example, to prevent harm may indeed be shouted long as it is immediately followed by love and explanations; or a worker who is perhaps causing trouble will require to be pulled into line, but this too must be followed up with genuine interest in their progress. At all other times, though, there is no excuse for bitterness and assumptions and manipulations of people.

Let Love be your guide, Care be your purpose and Devotion be your informant when dealing with people and situations around you. In this way you satisfy your spiritual needs and enhance relationships.

(c) Yamini Ali MacLean

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