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Let Not Your Aim Falter

Hari OM

Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation.

On Saturday, we saw the parable of the foolish fellow who thought he could have everything at once… the warning was that each and very spiritual seeker must also understand that there is no such thing as the 'fast track' to yoga, the union with Self. That said, there is the direct path, which is going to be quicker overall than the circuitous and multi-junctioned path that might be taken. One of the basic lessons of life is that the shortest route between A and B is the direct line!  Many folk, though, are easily distracted. If we use the analogy of making a mountain trek, then, clearly, an absolutely straight line is very nearly impossible, due to all the precipices and unstable ground which may be encountered. However, the summit is the aim and, provided that summit is kept in focus, the slight detours will be only that and not obstacles or total wipe outs.

It is said that there are many paths to Self Realisation; to some extent this is true, however, the thing they all have in common is that one must climb and that the direction to climb is up, not across.  Many of those paths emphasize the view at one or more of the lower levels along the journey to the top. Some folk get lost along the way, for there are very often shelters which can seem so pleasant there is no incentive to continue the journey. Others find the climb so challenging, disliking the process of self-discovery, they fall by the wayside, perhaps even dropping even further down than the place from where they began.  For the folk who come to meditation with a view to it helping in their healing, they can become disillusioned when they find that they must put so much 'work' into it… It's a tricky business, this Self Analysis!

For those who have taken the appropriate preparations, though, who are ready to work systematically, dealing with their relationship with the world, with their senses, with their body, mind and intellect; for them the summit is a reachable target and one which can be attained sooner rather than later.

To say that this is a shortcut would be misleading, but it is certainly the most direct route. Neither does it mean that there is one organization, institution, teacher, tradition, or method that is the single way to enlightenment. Rather, it is the way in which one travels the journey, and the commitment not to stop at some pleasant plateau with a nice view, which makes the difference.  The teachers and traditions may vary in which line they provide, which map is given, but the summit remains the summit, ever-present, ever-changeless.

It is the dedication, determination, sankalpa shakti, to keep on keeping on in a steady, straight line, into and through all of the levels of our being, which is the way of Yoga Meditation.

In short, never give up!


Keep practicing what has been given to you thus far during the AUM-day posts. It is a daily commitment, a practice only you can make...

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Hari OM
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