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Promise Of Things To Come

Hari OM

Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation.

Image result for meditation and life swami chinmayanandaSoon, we shall start exploring the wonderful book of Swami Chinmayananda called "Meditation & Life". As always, this achaarya would like very much if you would obtain your own copy so that, as we go through it, you can make notes, ponder longer and bring out your concerns and questions.  Certainly it can be obtained via Amazon, but at rather an inflated cost! Much better to obtain directly from Chinmaya Mission Publications - for readers in the US, there is CM West.  Others, please use the links on the sidebar.

There is no intention to rewrite the entire book here. The essence will be taken from each part. You will see how what has been given thus far on AUM-days owes its pedigree to the Guru parampara. Till now it has been the words of this achaarya; who remains a student, albeit advanced. By going through Meditation & Life, you will be reading directly from one who mastered and fully conquered the techniques and was supremely skilled in the practice of meditation. It is important to understand that all the technique in the world will not yield results in meditation. Knowing how to use a hammer does not make you a carpenter! It is of course necessary to train in the methodology of use; but then only practice will build up familiarity and skill.

Next week, then, we shall begin that. Today though, consider this story (one which is given to all serious seekers!)

Once upon a time, a student went to a great sage to ask about the meaning of life and how to attain the direct experience of the Highest. He asked his question, but the sage gave no answer. He just sat there.

Again, the student asked about how to find and fulfil the Purpose of life. Again, the sage just sat there.
The student tried different words, and appealed with great emotion. The sage just sat there, as before.
Finally, the student became frustrated, and blurted out, in an angry tone, "Why don't you answer me!"

The sage smiled, and said, "I have been answering you, but you were not listening. The answer you are looking for is to be found only in Silence."

It ought not to escape notice that…

Image result for remember that listen contains all the letters of silent


The most important thing of all is, regardless of all the reading and researching, that you keep on keeping on with practice. Keep going back to the basics of aasana, praana, japa. Maintain daily practice. Even ten minutes daily will bring more to your life than an hour once weekly.

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