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Funding Future

Hari Om

Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality and become more congruent within our personality.

We are reading the small booklet called "Not Too Loose, Not Too tight - Just right!" This is written by Swamini Vimalananda, and gives a very general overview of Vedanta for the beginner, with emphasis on the sattvic, rajasic and tamasic approaches to life. Remember, we are a mixture of all; use this as your mirror.

धृति /dhriti - patience and will (self-command)
To gain everything in life, patience, forbearance and will are most essential.

Sattvic; a sattvic patience is not patience  in facing a particular situation, but exists at all times, with everyone and under all circumstances. It enables man to consistently apply his body and mind to the task at hand until it is accomplished and to keep going even when mentally or physically exhausted. It helps us to overcome adverse situations or obstacles which may arise during the doing of a task. Will and patience prevent distraction and help to guard against dejection and frustration. Instead, with sattva to the fore, there is greater inner strength which grows according to the challenge. The proverb 'try and try and try again…' is made for such as these. It is the secret behind achievement. When learning to walk, how many times did we fall? Still we kept getting up and eventually we became accomplished on our legs. We see it in the children who now follow us - and we can see that those with the strongest will (determination) often rise first.

Image result for self-commandWe must develop patience not necessarily with others and things, but with ourselves, our mental and physical shortcomings. A good deal of forbearance and restraint in dealing with others is also required. When one realises that whatever comes in life also will go, one learns not to get too attached to the good things or impatient with that which we deem 'not good'.

Rajasic; patience, forbearance or will periodically shown towards people or circumstances/tasks is rajasic. It is inconsistent. A classic example is the fellow who has patience with his but boss but impatience with his family. Some study or work patiently till the exam or project is over; once accomplished they return to impatience and lack of will or interest. Discipline is on show only for a limited time. Some are patient until such time as a genuine challenge or obstacle arrives at their feet. They lose their cool and either give up, get irritated or quickly frustrated. They become restless and complaining.

Tamasic; those with tamas dominant may demonstrate an apparent patience or will - but it is usually stubborn and holds on to a wrong notion or course of action. Tamasic temperaments find it very hard to shift from the familiar, even if it is to their detriment… even if that means "I refuse to become happy"! Many will be in a state of denial; "So what about my diabetes, I want that cake and it's my life to do as I wish". Some become neurotic in their thinking and actions. Some live in the past and waste their time in thoughts of regret or clinging to memories - or are always wishing for the future to be something magical...not realising the future only responds to what we are doing now.

This is not to be confused with making plans. Sattvic and Rajasic types may look to the future, but in Sattva it is known that the future will derive itself from all focus on the now and Rajas will understand this, but will always be impatient to tinker and keep replanning and reacting. Tamas is simply day dreaming, building 'sky castles'.

Remember… Lord helps those who help themselves!

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