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Orissa's Sri Krishna

Hari OM

Story-day is for cultural exploration, puraanas and parables and finding out about leading lights in spiritual philosophy.

Sri Krishna, the cosmos being His playground, appears to different people in various guises, each suiting their particular area or subculture. Today is the festival of Sri Jagannatha Ratha Yaatra. It is a street-based festival (as many are in India), with the Lord's image being lauded from the temple, round the towns and finally back to His seat in the temple. This honours a promise made that all people would have a chance of His visitation.

The Jagannatha Puri Temple in Orissa is the origin of this particular image of the Lord. The ratha (cart) used for His carriage is enormous. It is from this word that we adopt the term 'juggernaut' in English, to mean large vehicles.

Rather than rewriting what can be found in many places elsewhere, you are instead directed to this very delightful article which sets the scene and narrates the legend.

As a more direct experience, here is a short video taken during YAM's time at Sandeepany; this was filmed by one of the students and it shows nicely how everyone becomes involved.

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