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Guru Embodied

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Freedays' are the 'gather our thoughts' days; Q&As; a general review of the week so far…

During this week past, Aatmaavrajanam blog became one year old. It was begun as a direct result of YAM ('Yamini-amma') seeking to take up her role as teacher of the subject of which she also remains a student.  Until Realisation, one can only ever be continuing to learn, to seek. Having sat before Masters of the philosophy, having felt the Universality of their 'beingness', it was impossible not to be sparked into a desire to reach for that status also.  It is the nature of spiritual research and Vedanta in particular. Qualification as aachaarya is passed from Guru to those whom that Guru deems capable of carrying the mantle. The shishya, in his or her turn, finds that they have an attachment to the Guru in a fashion not dissimilar to that with their parents; yet it has dimensions much beyond this.

Australian brahmacharins (aachaaryas) at the feet of Guru-ji
(c) CMAust.
The Guru, in his turn, will have an interest in how each shishya is progressing; yet it is not in an attached manner such as a parent would have. It is very much about guiding - even commanding - the disciple with as much discipline as Love. Not the heavy-handed, punishment-like discipline which a parent may mete out, but the kind of strict guidance which brings about self-discipline and self-management within the student. The reprimands of a parent can be damaging because they enter our ego, the little self who wants only approval. The reprimands of a Sadguru seek to wipe out that ego and bring us home to our true parent within ourselves. The Sadguru is not interested in giving approval or disapproval, s/he is only interested in progress and improvement. The genuine seeker would also not seek approval, neither feel down from disapproval; s/he is only interested in progress and improvement. Many parents could be said to have the same intention; yes this is true, but it is, generally, limited to whether their child is going to succeed materially and it is a rare parent who can say they are detached from their child's choices.

The Guru does not attach neither expects attachment. The Master works only for Brahman, and is seen as Brahman in the eyes of the disciple. It is precisely this connection which occurred between Yeshu and the Apostles. The passing of the Guru from the mortal coil will certainly cause some grief to those who were directly connected; but the Sadguru cannot be said to be dead. They live on, through the legacy of teaching, through retaining memory of them and through the understanding of their having attained Godhood whilst in the flesh. They are not, therefore, to be mourned but to be celebrated only, with humility and gratitude.

This small clip was made by CCMT in honour of Gurudev's Mahasamaadhi day last Monday (known as Araadhana) and after a few of his many names chanted beautifully, there is a snippet of Gurudev himself talking of The Guru.

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