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Ask, Ask, Ask...

Hari Om

'Freedays' are the 'gather our thoughts' days; Q&As; a general review of the week so far…

From our current, body-bound perspective of duality, we spend our lives in a constant flow of questions and doubts with regard to the world and our relationship to it. Vedanta divides the areas of doubt thusly;

जीव /jiiva; the individualised spirit. The experiencer of the world in which arise all questions pertaining to that individuality. "Who am I? What is the purpose of life? What is death? Is there rebirth? Why is one happy while another is unhappy? Is fate more powerful than self-effort?".. And so it goes on!

ईश्वर /Iishvara; God as individual. "Who is God? Is there a God? Where does He live - is there such as a 'heaven', if so where is it? Why did He create this world? What is His form or is He formless? When, why and how does He incarnate? Why no incarnation now, in such troubled times? Is there a gender there?" et cetera.

जगत् /jagat; the world. "What is this world? Who created it? When, why and how was it created? Are there such as 'heaven' and 'hell'? Is it Real? Will it become worse day by day, or will it improve?"

All these questions, their variations and others are likely to have been asked by all who finally reach the doors of Vedanta. Indeed, Vedanta might be likened to Homoeopathic medicine. It is poorly understood, sometimes maligned, by those who have not properly enquired and who have thought that its apparent simplicity means it is worth little. The depth and scope is entirely missed. Yet, just as there are those who come to Homoeopathy "as a last resort, what harm can it do?", there are seekers who find their way (or are directed by others) to Vedanta.

Not everyone who comes to them will necessarily 'get' what is going on. If severe inner barriers are present, then the medicine and the philosophy will certainly be called as 'false'; in neither case is it that they are, but rather, the one receiving has not been prepared to accept the healing contained in them. There are those who come along specifically with intention of 'disproving'.

There can be no sprouting in the earth which has become so dried and hardened it repels the seeds which the farmer wished to sow.

As with Homoeopathy too, there is a philosophy to suit all personality types. Those who are ready for the highest truth which is present in the core of all spiritual philosophies will find their way to it… or rather, the philosophy will find them. It is a well-accepted truism that when the student is ready the teacher will come!

Tomorrow we shall look at a teacher from another mystical format, Sufism. Sufism is to Islam what Vedanta is to Hinduism and Gnosticism is to Christianity. All who ask the appropriate questions, with pure heart and intent to hear the answers, no matter how hard that can be and the implications for change contained there, will find their way to one or other of these philosophies and, with patience, determination, respect and open hearts and minds, will blossom wider than any lotus flower.


  1. There are so many questions to ask, YAM!!!! xx

    1. Hari OM
      Endless... at least at the beginning &*> There is a hierarchy to existential questioning also. That is to say, virtually all questioning will be made with respect to the individual and what proximity the effects upon him or herself might be. Until these are satisfactorily answered, the truly philosophical questioning holds no value to them. Often questions remain unasked, because it all seems 'too big'. Or for fear of gaining answers which will actually make a difference.

      How to ask then?.... Next 'Free-day'!


Hari OM
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