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Hold True

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Application - that is what 'Workings-days' are about!

This is the title of a publication from CM which, whilst it of course has items by Gurudev, also includes selections of writing from other well-esteemed Gurus from the Vedantic tradition as well as leading businessmen. Its focus is the working life. We shall be exploring these essays for the next few weeks on Workings-day as, clearly, they pertain directly to the premise of this section of AVBlog! As ever, you  are encouraged to read back over previous posts, to ensure full benefit.

Part 2:Fulfillment Through work
Right Attitudes for Success (by Gurudev)

Today we hear from many of the professionals and businessmen that they cannot afford to be honest in business. How sad! It needs real heroism to create beauty or progress in a country. It is not for the coward or for those who compromise their ideals. If we are not ready to make sacrifices, no society can move forward.

Image result for integrityIt is by individual sacrifice alone that progress is possible. Everywhere, in all fields be they political, economic, cultural, progress has taken place in the world only because of such sacrifice. If just a few people, after realising the goal of life, the right attitude to living and the art of existence, were to enter into the business world and live an ideal moral standard there, remaining moral, finding fulfillment in their work, they would inspire others to such an approach. It is all resting upon our individual shoulders to contribute to the improvements in the world. The neighbour is not going to help improve relations between husband, wife, children. Each with the family has to understand and live the right life at home and only then is home beautified. In our own lives, whether at home, in society, or at work, we must have that integrity in ourselves so that we will be able to work with a sense of achievement, rather than a mere passing of the hours to obtain cash or with an expectation of status.

Responsible Living.
Many of us have a tendency to complain that we can't make ends meet - not only from the low income bracket, but from every strata of income. Why is this so? The more we earn, the more difficulty we find in balancing the accounts. It is all because our stomachs have a knack of growing larger than our belts. We have to learn to keep our stomachs in check or else the whole life will not be sufficient to fill them… The stomach is used to represent all 'hunger' of the individual - for others it may be in mind or heart also. Modern man, whether wealthy or not, seems to think that these fattened selves are the sign of prosperity. The desire to live the sensuous life has become insatiable.

We have so many desires to satisfy, that even our two hands, legs and twenty-four hours a day are insufficient. It leads to disgruntlement and discontentment. A man riddled with such, cannot have a greater vision in life to achieve.

However, if we observe a man of success in any profession, we find that he has no time to waste in the cafes or movie theatres. These things are for people of little focus to while away their hard earned cash. Prosperity, culture and progress are possible because we have a mind and intellect. If we do not tap this resource of intelligence, applying it responsibly, then national progress is impeded, society is weakened and each shall despair, continuously bickering amongst ourselves, never gaining the joy of having truly lived.

In order to live and bring out the maximum happiness in ourselves, to work out the best for ourselves, we must have a goal in life; a mission, something admirably inspiring - and hitching our eyes to that ideal, never lose focus on it as we work in the world. Thereby our work becomes chastened, becomes its own reward and a great joy wells up in the mind no in terms of what we get as salary, but what we give to the society form the place where we are.

All of us have only twenty-four hours a day. Whether one is a mighty personality making history in the world, or one is struggling to earn his livelihood, this is true. After that another set of twenty-four. To a man of achievement, to a poet writing, to an immortal artist painting, to an ordinary labourer, each is only allotted this. Yet we find that the individuals who make history carry out wonderful things in that time, leaving behind remarkable contributions for the succeeding generations. Often it is a wonder to many how so much can be achieved by such people, while others around them working (apparently) much harder leave little behind for posterity.

When we act, the glory of actions is not dependent on the environment, nor on where we work, nor how we work, but on the motive behind the work. Work gathers a new momentum and freshness only when the intentions of the heart behind the worker's hand are faithful and ardent.  Think of life and work as a work of sculpture. The sculptor and his work, when he considers it an extension of himself, become a vision of  beauty and the result is all the more beautiful for it.

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