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Practice Sacrifice

Hari OM

Application - that is what 'Workings-days' are about!

This is the title of a publication from CM which, whilst it of course has items by Gurudev, also includes selections of writing from other well-esteemed Gurus from the Vedantic tradition as well as leading businessmen. Its focus is the working life. We shall be exploring these essays for the next few weeks on Workings-day as, clearly, they pertain directly to the premise of this section of AVBlog! As ever, you  are encouraged to read back over previous posts, to ensure full benefit.

Part 2:Fulfillment Through work
"Anything is free when it spontaneously expresses its own nature to the full in activity." (John MacMurray)

Having looked at aspects of Vedanta from point of view of management, the subject now taken up is that of the individual's part to play through dedication work. This section begins with a lengthy quote of Mohandas K Gandhi (Mohatma).

"Man's delight in renunciation differentiates him from the beasts. Some demur that life thus understood becomes dull and devoid of art and leaves no room for the householder. However, these critics fail to grasp the true meaning of renunciation, which does not mean abandoning the world and running into the forest, but rather, the infusion of the spirit of self-sacrifice into all activities of life.

Image result for mahatma gandhi quotesThe life of a householder may take the colour either of indulgence of renunciation.  A merchant who does his work in a scrificial spirit will have large sums of money passing through his hands every day, but his thoughts will be entirely devoted to service.  He will not cheat or speculate, but will lead a simple life. He will not injure a living soul, b ut will lose millions rather than do any harm.

If we to deeply into the matter, we shall come across men in every walk of life who lead dedicated lives. No doubt these men of sacrifice obtain their livelihood by their work; but livelihood is not their objective, it is only the by-product of their vocation.  Motilal was a tailor at first and continued as a tailor after - his spirit was changed and his work was transmuted into worship.  He began to think about the welfare of others and his life became artistic in the highest sense of the term.

A life of sacrifice is a pinnacle of art and is full of true joy, which ever renews itself. A man is never surfeited with it and the spring of interest is inexhaustible. Indulgence leads to destruction. Renunciation leads to immortality."

The Scottish philosopher Macmurray held the belief that all knowledge only held purpose when it manifested as action. This is the very basis of Vedantic thinking also! Philosophy must not be permitted to rest only in academia and become dried and dusty. Its glory shines through application of its theories. This is Vedanta in Action.

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