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Lighting The Way

Hari OM

Story-day is for cultural exploration, puraanas and parables and finding out about leading lights in spiritual philosophy

This week sees the celebration of Deepavalli (Diwali) take place. It occurs fourteen days following Dussehra. Once Sri Rama had defeated Ravana and been reunited with his wife, Sita (who had been kidnapped by the Lankan King), the royal party made their return to the city of their birth, Ayodhya. 

It had been fourteen years since they had set foot there, due to the enforced exile created by a promise their father had made to the mother of Rama's half-brother, Bharat that her son would be king. Bharat, however, had never wanted the throne and revered his brother for the person he knew him to be - Lord Vishnu incarnate. He had taken Rama's sandals and put them on the throne, then acted only as regent, ever faithful that his brother would finally return.

When news came that the princes Rama and Lakshman as well as the lady Sita were on their way back, the whole of Ayodhya rejoiced.

In preparation, the citizens lit up the whole city with deepas, little clay oil lamps, arranging them on every available shelf and wall and windowsill. The royal party arrived back into the city on the fourteenth day following their incredible victory. The lights welcomed them long before the reached the gates.

This is why, on Deepavalli, Indians everywhere light up their homes on the fourteenth night after Dussehra, as a remembrance of safe homecoming and of good things ahead.

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