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Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality and become more congruent within our personality.


Last week we saw three basic categories to view the world - phenomenal, societal and individual - and learned that restlessness reflects in these three aspects also.  What do we do to redress the restlessness?

When we say we want peace, what do we mean? Just as restlessness can be different kinds, so too can peace. If we go to a cremation or burial ground, there is 'peace'; the peace of the dead. Is that the kind of peace we desire? When a person goes to sleep, then also a kind of peace is found; but it is temporary and is marked by the fact that we do not enjoy the peace within the sleep, only after we awake and find that we have slept well.  A mind filled with desires is restless. When the desire is fulfilled, for a brief time there is a kind of peace - until the next desire arises.

Some people think that peace is a passive, dull state, just doing nothing. Others may take a tranquillizer and think that the mind is gaining some peace, but it is simply a dulling of the mind, a numbing of the brain. 

So what kind of peace do we want? If we understand peace as a lack of motivation, then we may wonder why peace is a goal of life at all. However, we cannot accept a state of mind where there is no peace.We instinctively know that there is something which is desirable about a lack of restlessness. Why do we want peace?  The simple reason is that where peace is, happiness is... and we are all in search of happiness. Without peace, we cannot have any kind of happiness. Does anyone ever say "I am very restless and am happy"? Where is happiness for a restless, agitated person?

Only when there is peace, in the individual mind, in the society, or in the world of nature, can there be prosperity. Peace is needed for happiness, for prosperity and for creativity. The peaceful mind becomes creative. This is when research work is possible. Great revelations of Truth occurred for the Rsis only when peace reigned.

When we are unable to solve a problem, because the mind is disturbed, the best thing is to sleep on it. Many times we will find that when the mind has rested, suddenly the solution is there. Frequently we consult another person to help us resolve our problems. He or she can give us great advice because that person's mind is at peace and not emotionally involved. When the mind is clear and at peace, intelligence shines forth.

Hence we need peace at all levels; phenomenal, social and individual.

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