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Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation.

Meditation & Life, with Sw. Chinmayananda (Gurudev).
We are now exploring the writings of Gurudev on our focus subject of Meditation. The book is a thorough treatment of the subject and extends to over 170 pages of closely printed text. No attempt is intended, here, to present the text in its entirety. However, important paragraphs and quotes will be given, within a summary of each section. You are encouraged to use the links on sidebar to obtain a copy for yourselves from CM publications.
Please remember that each of the posts under this title is part of a thought flow and it is important to go back and read the previous post in order to refresh and review the context.

12; Why Meditate?
[Now we come to the crux… for this chapter, Gurudev's words will be given in full.]

Think of a person who takes one step forward and then one backward, the third to his right, the fourth to the left. In which direction do you think he would progress?  He reaches nowhere, even though such mutually cancelling efforts are repeated ad infinitum.  The only advice that can be given to such a person is that he or she resolve their conflicts and make up their mind as to the direction they wish to follow. With nothing to pull them back or to sidetrack them, they are sure to reach the destination.

The need for integrating the various conflicting aspects of our personality is obvious. Our physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual personalities must be blended into one harmonious whole. Meditation is the technique for achieving this harmony. It is the highest spiritual discipline. Through meditation we come to experience peace within. Internecine wars between desires end. Conflicts between duties no longer torment us. The mind is able to view life as a whole. Meaningless flutterings and consequent dissipations cease. We now can direct our potentialities with increased, unshatterable concentration.

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No one will have failed to notice the result of concentration among natural phenomena or human activities.  The sun's rays converged on a point through a lens will burn the object beneath the focal point. Successful people in business and in the professions owe their successes to single-pointed efforts. Application of a divided mind brings about indifferent results.  The scriptures have rightly emphasized that every person is a potential genius. Most of us are able to use only an insignificant part of our infinite potential; therefore, disappointments are our lot. We have unlimited powers which, unfortunately, we have not learned to tap and make use of. It is a question of rediscovering ourselves. Beneath all our superficialities lurks a constant unconscious search for the common denominator. Along a single trail at one and the same time move all the different aspects of our personality - in order to reach the common destination, the experience of Reality.

The mind flutters from one object to another. The flow of thoughts is ceaseless. Obviously, before the mind can be made to concentrate on anything, it must be cultivated. In meditation the mind is made to withdraw its attention from sense objects. The intellect, asserting its mastery over the mind, orders it to stop all thoughts except the thought of the common denominator. By assiduous practice, the mind learns to think of only one thing at a time. Such a mind is a force to be reckoned with; it actually becomes invincible.

Having become conscious of its True nature, such a mind is not disturbed either by passing sorrows or ephemeral worldly joys. Prosperity cannot spoil it, nor can adversity degrade  it. Just as the scientific discovery of the indestructibility of matter and energy gives new meaning to objects, realisation of Sat-Cit-Aananda by the mind-intellect, through meditation, gives a new edge to life, stripping all worldly shows of their power to delude. All curtains lift before the penetrating gaze of the mind thus established in Pure Consciousness through regular meditation. Shorn of all complexes, it is no longer assailed by any doubts or fears.

Do not hesitate. Start meditation now and soon the incomparable experience of the gifts it showers on you will obviate mere logic.

[Here, the first part of the investigation into the whys and wherefores of the need of meditation concludes. In the next part, the process of meditation is explored.]

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