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It's A Choice

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Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality and become more congruent within our personality.


Peace in the Individual (cont'd)
Even our relationship with God is bound by our need to have our troubles removed and desires fulfilled. If we want to have peace of mind then, like the sages, all our relationships - starting with the physical body, then with health, with people, with our actions, with our emotions and with God - should be based on spiritual considerations.

An enlightened sage is totally at peace and experiences happiness, for he has determined and experienced the nature of Truth, which is of the nature of Peace itself. That Peace is our True Self. In the Mandukya Upanishad, it is the Self which is shanti, non-dual Bliss. When That is realised, there is Supreme Peace (param shanti). At the emotional level, if our heart is filled with Love for God, then there is Peace. At the level of relationships, if they and our love are based on spiritual and not material considerations, then there is Peace. At the level of action, when we are steadfast in the performance of our duty while avoiding prohibited actions, then there is Peace. At the physical level, having good health provides Peace.

The wise man lives in the material world but it does not bind him. He can have wealth, but if that wealth is used for serving others, that wealth will not bind him and he will be at Peace. This requires a right understanding as to what is wealth and what its purpose is; without that, wealth becomes a curse. In karma yoga, the work we do must be in fulfilment of our obligatory duties. Lord Krishna says, 'Dedicate all work to Me. Just as the lotus leaf lives in the swamp but remains untouched by it, similarly such men live in the world of karma, but karma does not bind them, because it is dedicated to God.' Thus in karma yoga, the performance of duty is the number one criterion. Dedication of our work to god as worship is the second; and the third is, no attachment to the fruits of our actions (expectation of outcomes). Whatever result comes, it is to be taken as prasaada, a blessing.

Just think! If we dedicate our life to the Lord, the results also belong to Him. We become restless and anxious because we want something for ourselves. Renouncing such expectation brings Peace.

There is a great relationship between the heart and the stomach.  when the heart is full, the stomach automatically gets full. When a person is restless, he eats too much, and of the wrong kind of food. The person who always wants something will always feel empty - for no sooner has he got the object of the initial desire than another desire arises to torment him.

In this restless, vast, global world, is it possible to attain a Dynamic Peace Yes! The solution is in our own hands. We can all make an effort to become healthier, to remain steadfast at our rightful work and by having right attitude and devotion. It is totally in our control. It does not depend on the phenomenal world or the social world. No one can stop us from realising the Truth but ourselves. We so readily look around for others to blame for our distractions and disturbances, not understanding that it is up to us to choose peace.

We began this exploration from the material standpoint and have arrived at the spiritual. Nothing has been said, really, that is not available to all within the scriptures of the world. All that prevents Peace is our own mind. The greatest service we can do in this world is to mind our own business and take care of our own mind. A change is required in all of us. The Peace within those who make the choice to change will radiate from them. Such Peaceful lights can touch others, 'lighting their lamps' and the desire to work towards their own Dynamic Peace.

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  1. I wish for peace in the world. Great post. Happy weekend to you!

    1. Hari OM
      Blessings to you Eileen - let us all do, then wishes come true! Yxx


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