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Know What You Don't Know

Hari OM

Story-day is for cultural exploration, puraanas and parables and finding out about leading lights in spiritual philosophy.


A brahmanishta (realised Master) was fully immersed in enlightening all humanity with his intuitive knowledge and experience, through all possible media. He employed a certain disciple of his to take down notes and compile books. In course of time, the disciple virtually became a gramophone record, able to repeat all the words of the Guru verbatim. He became puffed with the pride of this and went about telling, 'what does the Guru know that I do not? I can quote all the scriptures and discourses!'

There came a time when devotees of the Guru had a bereavement and he could not reach them for some time, so he sent the disciple to minister and condole with them until he could reach.

That vain man went there and proceeded to give sermon and high Vedantic knowledge… but it seemed that no one was gaining any solace, no matter how much he talked about the True State of things. Still he continued, showing off his knowledge. Eventually the Guru arrived, and then the whole group cheered. Tears were dried and smiles arose. The Guru said but a few words and yet seemed to have much more effect upon the family than the disciple had for the entire three hours before!

Can the moon say it shines by its own light? When the sun rises, the illusion of the moon's light is swept away. Intellectual and theoretical philosophers are of no use to humanity; the intuitive knowledge of the Guru is like the sun against their 'light'. Knowledge arising by itself in an experiencing heart is not to be compared to the knowledge of the brain. O man! Forget your intellectual attainments. The knowledge you possess is not yours but it belongs to the Lord!

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