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Here is a place to linger, to let your intellect roam. Aatmaavrajanam is being written as a progressive study and, as such, can be read like a book. Anyone arriving at any time can simply start at the very first post and work their way through at their own pace. Please take time to read the info tabs and ensure you don't miss a post, by subscribing to the blog. Interaction is welcomed. Don't be a spectator - be a participator!

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Hari Om

'Freedays' are the 'gather our thoughts' days; Q&As; a general review of the week so far…

may 2016 be the year of the transformation you seek.

As we progress with teachings here now, there ought to be an increased understanding of the synthetic nature of Vedanta (evolved from strong observational data, difficult to refute), and that it is posterioric in nature (posits logical conclusions of cause, based upon the effects observed). Also by now, readers will have noticed distinct themes and that each text, even when apparently unrelated, holds something of another text which reinforces, explains more deeply, or expands on any given part of the subject under scrutiny. There is a cohesiveness of thought and consistency of example and logic that surely appeals to all who consider themselves rational thinkers.

By this stage there are likely to be questions bursting forth. All are reminded not to be shy in the asking of such questions, or voicing doubts. Use the comments box (remember to tick the 'notify me' box to get the response directly to your email), or you can utilise the email contact form on the POOP page.

Image result for images for resolutionsIt cannot be emphasized enough how important it is not just to read and move on. Re-reading as many times as is necessary to set home the fullness of understanding is valuable. It is the nature of this type of subject that one can return even to the most basic of texts and gain still more from them… particularly as one truly progresses, for the understanding gained at later stages opens up the intellect to gaining deeper insights of its own over and above what is taught at first. Think on mathematics (or any subject from school); it is easy as we progress in life to either not use any of the knowledge gained at all, or to proceed as if that knowledge is finite and does not require revisiting, having moved on to 'bigger and better'; have you ever gone back to the school books? Try it! It can be astounding how much has been forgotten, been 'modified' by our own interpretation which bears no resemblance to the actual system, or we can find that, with increased experience, we can now look at those texts with much less terror!

Thus, when asked to review anything here, do not resist it. Do so with open minds and hearts and see what more can be gained from the reading.

It is a tradition at the onset of a new year to make a resolution or six; resolve this year to take up serious saadhana in one form or another. If you have been reading AV-blog for only one text or one particular day, resolve to fill in the gaps. Return to the beginning and read through consistently for a fuller benefit. The blog is being written such that any can do this; start at page one and skip none.

Further, consider being more participative. The greatest joy of learning is sharing. The twenty or so regular readers are not reflected in the members bar. Go on, hit that 'join' button and share your responses in comments. Leap into the year!!!

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