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It Is Wisdom To Honour Wisdom!

Hari OM

'Text-days' are for delving into the words and theory of Advaita Vedanta.

[You are reminded that reviewing the previous week's posts will become essential as the meanings of the Sanskrit terms may not be repeated. There may come additional or alternative meanings, but all should be noted. As study progresses, the technical terms must necessarily become 'second nature' to the student. When the Sanskrit is used, the translation will fall easily into place - or likewise, if the English is used, the Sanskrit term must easily come forwards.]

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The question was asked, 'what happens to the results of actions (aagaami) of a Realised Master if there are no longer added to his karma account?'
(NB the vid-clip has chanting from last week also.)

किञ्च ये ज्ञानिनं स्तुवन्ति भजन्ति अर्चयन्ति तान्प्रति
ज्ञानिकृतं आगामि पुण्यं गच्छति।
ये ज्ञानिनं निन्दन्ति द्विषन्ति दुःखप्रदानं कुर्वन्ति
तान्प्रति ज्ञानिकृतं सर्वमागामि क्रियमाणं यद्वाच्यं
कर पापात्मकं तद् गच्छति। सुहृदःपुण्यकृत्यं
दुर्हृदः पापकृत्यं गृह्णान्ति
ki~nca ye GYaaninaM stuvanti bhajanti arcayanti taanprati
GYaanikR^itaM aagaami puNyaM gacchhati.
ye GYaaninaM nindanti dviSanti duHkhapradaanaM kurvanti
taanprati GYaanikR^itaM sarvamaagaami kriyamaaNaM yadvaacyaM
kara paaapaatmakaM tad gacchhati. suhR^idaHpuNyakR^ityaM
durhR^idaH paapakR^ityaM gR^ihNaanti

"Further, to those who praise, serve and worship the wise man, go the results of the good actions done by that wise man. To those who criticise, hate or cause pain to the wise man go the results of all unpraiseworthy and sinful actions done by the wise."

When the mahatma finally departs the body, the accrued merits and demerits of his (or her) actions fall to their devotees and their decriers accordingly. Wait, what is this?! The good we can accept and, perhaps understand - but bad? How can bad deeds be done by a sacred person?

Truly, the wise one, as has been stated, is no longer attached to any actions and makes not judgement upon them themselves. The 'good or bad' is relative only to the world as perceived in our current state of duality. In the fullness of Vedanta, no actions took place at all (just as all that you performed in your dream last night fell away the minute you awoke). However, those left behind in 'the dream' must still deal with what they currently believe to be real and therefore this is said (by shruti) in order to appease the enquiring minds wondering about the aagaami.

For we poor wretches who have not come near to the magnificent Realisation of Self, knowing that if we are in the orbit of a mahatma, how we are with that person will have a direct effect upon our own karma; for now we are presented with the potential to better our lot simply by being in his gaze and showing devotion… or we can worsen our lot by behaving negatively towards that personage.

Remember that Vedanta is universal. A Mahatma, as defined by this philosophy, can be present in all parts of the world and in all guises. Anyone who has understood the folly of mankind, yet who retains compassion for their fellow beings; anyone who has clear understanding of their scriptures, beyond the dogma and by appropriate application of 'lakshyaartha' (ie, not simply following word value but looking for the implied meaning); anyone who knows that God is to be attained from within…

It is an interesting dynamic, when one looks into the face of Truth. Even if one is far from achieving the Reality of That Truth for oneself, to fall under the gaze of one who has is as profound an experience as any seeker may have. Indeed, as any atheist may have… for our very own Gurudev was a serious doubter of 'guru myth', as he called it. Being a journalist of some note in his late 30's, he set off to attempt a debunking. It was his praarabdha, however, to come into the circle of Swami Sivananda of Divine Life Society. History changed. To revere and serve such a personage is not at all difficult. Gratitude abounds, and no small amount of Love, from the disciple who benefits from all the care and guidance and corrections given.

Not all can recognise or are willing to see the wisdom, however. Some will look at the mahatma only from their own, currently ignorant, standpoint and judge according only to what their own negativities and prejudices are. Others will go with expectations of some kind of benefit or boon and, if they don't get for any reason, will go away and talk badly of the mahatma. Still others, with perverted minds who hate anyone and everyone for one reason or another, will perpetrate evils upon the wise person.

If one is not able to see greatness in the wise man, or able to acknowledge and surrender to him, then don't be near such a one; be elsewhere. Neither call names and aspersions where you fail to understand. For by staying close whilst uttering the name of the mahatma wrongly, a portion of the negative aagaami becomes yours.

In accepting a true teacher into life, however, all the positive aagami will be shared among the disciples.

YAM at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya
Gurudev's murti behind.

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