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What To Do?

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Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality and become more congruent within our personality.

MANAGING THE MANAGER  Cont'd (Swami Swaroopananda)

Fortunately, the very strengths of the mind are also those which are its weaknesses. The mind gains its force from the formation of habit; it gains force from sense pleasures, likes, dislikes. Mind is a slave of habit; it masters us by the power of habit. Therefore, to master it, we do not suppress, stop or force the mind, but give it a new direction; a new 'habit'. This is the art of sublimation.

Image result for peer pressure quotesSince The sense organs are the first to tempt the mind and force it into destructive channels, the firsts lesson is to manage the senses. Just like the tortoise withdraws its limbs, one should know when to withdraw and when to express oneself. On is not advised to shut the senses, but to direct them towards objects and situations that bring purity, calmness and poise to the mind. Until such time as one can truly release all habits, supplant the more destructive with ever more constructive habits, like rungs on the ladder. Youngsters will often remark about the peer pressure they feel and they make the mistake of branding this as 'their culture'. Poor and damaging behaviours under duress of competition and one-upman-ship is not culture.

Relationships and friendships born from this are rarely supportive in the deep and meaningful way which comes from those founded on core and established values. The teenagers will wriggle and avoid and blame their hormones and ask 'what to do?!!' The trouble is teenage habits stay throughout life if we are not on guard.

The simple thing is to not watch movies or read material which disturbs the mind. Keeping company with the people who have better values is also important. Yes, this can seem very difficult if it means that those whom we consider to be in our circle must be now avoided; a plain fact here is that those who are truly friends will take up your example; if indeed one of them has not first taken up the challenge to better themselves, then become a trailblazer yourself. Start to take control. Pull down the shutters of the mind where lesser values and temptations may bring you down. Open them where things are finer and of an uplifting nature.

It is important to understand the difference between suppression and sublimation. For example, the mind desires something which is enjoyable and exciting and convinces the intellect, but when one does not proceed due to external force, morality, ethics or fear of society, it is suppression. No sooner is that force gone or let drop for a moment, that the mind will erupt again like a volcano.

On the other side, if the mind is offered something which soothes it, calms it, holds potential for something more desirable, a fresh and improved desire habit is formed. This is sublimation. It requires the logical intellect to take charge of the emotional mind, bringing about an integration of the two.

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