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Recognise and Decide.

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Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality and become more congruent within our personality.

MANAGING THE MANAGER (cont'd) - Swami Swaroopananda

Managing the Six Mighty Forces (cont'd)
We saw two last week; kaama and krodha. Let us complete.

Lobha - Greed.
Keeping one's needs to the minimum conquers greed and leads to संतोष /santosha (satisfaction). Santosha lies not in the fulfilment of all desires, but in the realisation there is actually plenty already. Thus another use of the word santosha is 'contentment'. From this we get the inkling that desire, anger and greed arise from a feeling that we are lacking in something, a sense of being 'poor'…

A simple method to cultivate satisfaction is to write down five things that you are grateful for - five blessings you have felt in any given day. Soon, the realisation dawns how much you already have. Then you can never become a beggar.

Satisfaction comes from gratitude; when we are grateful for what we have, we stop complaining about what we do not have.

Moha - Delusion.
The delusion referred to here is that of what is Real and what is not. Right knowledge and right thinking overcome delusion. If one remains steady on the path of dharma - righteousness - as guided by the scriptures one will never get deluded. If the mind is kept occupied on duties, there will be no time for unnecessary distractions and delusions are easily conquered.

Ahamkaara - Pride (ego)
Use the writing tool again - but this time write down the things of which you are proud. You may be a good singer, for example, or clever with figures… in addition, write down the contribution of others in your success.

Image result for pride emotionFirstly, not everyone can sing, and for those who can, it is good remember it is a gift of God.

Secondly, remembering that you did not succeed in your field or hobby without the input of, perhaps, parents who paid for lessons, teachers who gave those lessons, neighbours who tolerated the practice...When you acknowledge the contribution of others in helping you achieve, your pride moderates and gratitude will help you express the appreciation through doing our duties and serving others in turn.

Matsarya - Jealousy
This should be seen as nothing but a distortion of admiration. The substitution of admiration for jealousy is the key to overcoming this monster.  If you think someone is better than you at something, don't moan about it, but rather attempt to become better at that thing yourself. Emulate their aptitude and don't waste your energy in attempting to pull that person down or cast slanders. If someone appears to have more than you do… refer back to lobha!

Often, matsarya is related to appearances. Remind yourself that no matter the surface, it is what lies beneath that makes all the difference in matters of beauty, and a refined personality, bright with the colour of Love, is the most attractive thing of all. Resolve to refine and brighten yourself so that you shine among all other lights.

Take All As Prasaad.
In conclusion, take everything as the Lord's प्रसाद /prasaad - gift of beneficence. Do your duty; do whatever work is required of you; do it all as an offering to Him. Then whatever comes, whatever life gives you, be satisfied and accept it as His will. Once that acceptance is developed there will be no anger, no frustration, no depression, no dejection, or laziness. The moment there is laziness or depression, admonish your mind, get yourself into some activity, do something you enjoy. The best thing is to serve others for this leads to a great sense of achievement and fulfilment.

Thus we conclude this little writing from Swami-ji. Remember that all the posts here on Choose-day are about helping to clarify some of the basics of making choices in life. To say that 'you are who you are' as a result of your birth is only a part of the story. Ultimately, we can only ever be who we are as a result of the choices we make - whatever the circumstances.

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  1. The moment there is laziness or depression, get yourself into some activity, do something you enjoy. ..... sound advice and very true.


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