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The Pupil

Hari OM

Story-day is for cultural exploration, puraanas and parables and finding out about leading lights in spiritual philosophy.

Last week we explored the issue of 'pearls' and how they ought to be kept. Majority of us, though, are not in a position to drop pearls of wisdom to anyone. Rather, we are in the position of learning and seeking out the pearls others have to offer... or we are guilty of not paying attention and missing opportunities to raise ourselves. There is a little story Gurudev once told, and many of the swamis now repeat it as an example.

"There was a sadhu, once, who travelled from village to village offering satsangs on various different subjects. He arrived at a new place and he said that he could teach anything to any creature. The villagers where he was staying were dubious about this. They didn't sit in satsang with him for a few evenings. Then a few of them came and sat and asked him, 'sir-ji, you say you can teach anything to any creature, but we think that you cannot… prove it to us!' and they brought in a donkey.

The sadhu nodded. 'Leave it with me for five days.'

The villagers left and returned after five days. The sadhu brought the donkey before them. They in turn laid a book before the donkey. It brayed and turned to the hay. 'HAH! See, you haven't taught it anything!'

'Not at all,' replied the sadhu, 'I taught it everything I knew all the hours of these five days. Whether or not it learned is up to the donkey.'"

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