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Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation.

We have been exploring the writings of Gurudev, through his book 'Meditation & Life'. All the instructive chapters have been rendered here - but remember that they have, for the most part, been summarised and given this aacharya's treatment; also, as with any book of instruction, these pages are not meant to be read only once then left on the shelf - or the ether. You are again encouraged to seek out a copy of the book to keep to hand as it is an inspiration and with each reading something more will drop into place.

There are just a few chapters more, and Gurudev himself prefaces them thus;
"Each day before meditation read one chapter in this section in a whispering tone. After meditation, instead of immediatley allowing your mind to explode into fields of activity, allow it to glide slowly into the the day - again read the same chapter as before in a whispering tone.

Consider that the words you read are advice given by your own intellect to your own erring mind and indisciplined body. It is an inner sermon heard by your own BMI."

It has been noted that to perform this type of saadhana is very helpful to beginner - intermediate meditators; all the more so if 'brahmamuhurta' (pre-dawn, or around 4:30am) is observed, for this is the time when the mind is receptive. Thus when the information such as will be provided here, or scriptures and other writings are read, their retention and comprehension are most likely to be maximised.

We shall pick up the meditative saadhanas next week - today, take time to review what you feel you have learned thus far and what has stuck with you till now. Make a note to yourself to re-read these teachings at least twice yearly, as you build your meditation saadhana. Note in your books what new things arise or fall into place as you progress.

This being also Mahaashivraatri day, here is a parting thought.

One day in Kailash, Parvati was looking a little bit bored because Shiva was just sitting there in deep, deep meditation.  She called, “Oh Lord.” and Shiva didn’t respond.  She said, “Shiva!” and Shiva didn’t move.

Parvati just stood there watching him for a long, long time.  Ultimately when Shiva opened his eyes, Parvati bowed down with devotion to Shiva.  She said, “Shiva, I have to ask you a question. The whole world meditates upon you, everyone is praying to you, meditating upon you, contemplating you, upon whom are you meditating?”

Shiva replied, “I always meditate on Vishnu. Ram is always in my heart.”

No matter the 'God' you name, all are the same to The Ultimate.

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