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Be The Peace

Hari Om

Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality and become more congruent within our personality.


Last but not least we now take a look at the bigger picture and the effect of our choice of shreyas or preyas.

We want the society, nation and the world to live in peace and harmony. None want war. This is possible when there is mutual Love, Respect and Understanding amongst people of various religions, communities and nations. Harmony is maintained when the common features, goals and concerns are identified and given priorities, and the differences are appreciated and respected. A universal outlook is needed in dealing with environmental issues, war, pollution, cruelty to animals et cetera.

Disharmony is created when there is mutual distrust and disrespect. The differences in cultures, spiritual preferences and modes of thinking are given prominence and used as tools to build barriers to harmony. Fanatic thoughts like 'only my God saves', 'those who do not follow my religion are my enemies' and 'we are a superior race born to rule the world'…all of these have been triggers for wars across the globe.

Exploitation of natural resources, economic subjugation, means of mass destruction and so on have only added to world tension and sorrow in the individual's life.

It is only thoughts like 'the whole world is my family', 'let there be peace, Love and happiness everywhere', or 'may unity prevail' and such like which will bring the harmony and peace we desire. The more who say these things and act in accordance with that desire, the greater are the chances of genuine world peace being achieved.

The Wise know that to hold onto what is impermanent and ephemeral only for temporary gain of pleasure is pointless and will, instead, seek for a longer-term, even Eternal method of living. This is shreyas. Pleasures and thrills of the world as found in the impermanent and ephemeral are what those on the path of preyas seek, but they are left only ever wanting more of the same, as each passing 'high' leaves and desire is again built. The values of shreyas bring lasting joy. When our goals are high, in fulfilling them all lower goals automatically become fulfilled. When we understand that, even as a single, solitary soul, we can be the instigator of peace, having an effect on the environment around us, then we can each day fund the effort to keep on being that example of change. This is the intelligent way of living. Each and every step on the spiritual 'mountain' yields results. Choose to live this way. It is unwise to wait for others to join you, follow or lead you. Indeed you may find you walk the path alone, but it is never lonely - provided you are firm in values, as well as in the purpose of following shreyas. Success and happiness is your birthright.

What is that goal again?

sTy< }anmnNt< äü, yae ved iniht< guhaya< prme Vyaemn!, sae=îute svaRn! kaman! Sah, äü[a ivpíteit.
Satyam jnaanamanantam brahma; yo veda nihitam guhaayam parame vyoman; so-shnute sarvaan kaamaan saha; brahmanaa vipashchateti.
The truth is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss. One who knows it as his own Self, fulfills all his desires at once.

May the Lord give all the courage to follow the Wise way and attain Eternal happiness.

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