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Working Wisdom

Hari Om

Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality and become more congruent within our personality.


Last we saw how things can go astray in family situation if we only seek preyas - path of ease and what we can expect if we put a little effort into following shreyas - path of good. Most of us are in preyas state, following our whims and fancies, looking for the 'quick fixes' and fast tracks, seeking immediate gratifications and believing this to be 'freedom'. A little applied discipline, delayed gratification and general patience, as found in shreyas, and it brings a greater satisfaction to daily life as well as improved spiritual well-being.

How does this apply beyond the family? What about in the sphere of employment?

All of us want to be successful in our chosen field of work. Success makes us confident and happy. What though, is success? How do we measure it? There are general guidelines for this; the understanding that it is achievement in the complete of set tasks, for example. Attainment of goals, becoming expert and thus gaining 'name and fame'. Bringing a product or service to the market which results in a high income.

However, we must also understand that the goal desired by us should be noble and the means adopted in reaching that goal ought to be fair and equitable. That is, if we are to adhere to shreyas.

Preyas would see us falling to underhand means, cheating, and caring not for others as we reach for the heights. Such ill-gotten 'success' is almost always short-lived and it certainly does not bring glory. Yes the fellow's name may be known, but not in the light of admiration, rather as figure of derision and distaste. The old adage 'easy come easy goes' applies to such as these. Money earned in poor manner is likely to be handled poorly and thus will not remain in hand for long. Copying in an exam gains us nothing in the long-term. Capturing votes by bribing the public is doing the country a severe disservice.

We have to climb up and down many peaks before we reach Mt Everest. Whilst pursuing a noble goal and following fair means, every failure is understood as being a stepping stone and not a hurdle. To be successful one has to learn to manage oneself and manage with others. Self-management is of prime importance; we need to have a clear vision, excellent planning skills, know how to put together the resources to execute the plan/s. Failure to manage ourselves sufficiently well will usually reflect in poor execution or even failure of those plans.

Businesses have collapsed, kingdoms have been lost and civilizations destroyed because of decadent leaders and rulers, who sought only for self-aggrandizement and had not the company or the nation at the centre of their focus. History's pages are littered with such.

Think not that because you are a single person, in a small business which the world at large has never heard of, that this absolves you from taking pride and paying attention to self-management as per shreyas. The Wise will always win the day, wherever they work. The Otherwise… otherwise!

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