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Bhakti of Gita Series - 1

Hari Om

Discourse Month - Now we will embark on a longer series of talks given by Swami Sharadananda of Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF). Swami-ji was Sanskrit master for our fifteenth batch Sandeepany studies and is a supreme master of the language, the culture, and of Bhakti as well as Vedanta. We have been learning of Bhakti from the Narada Sutras; here Swami-ji explores aspects of Bhakti as found in the Bhagavad Gita. Very often, Vedanta is pointed to as being to esoteric, to dry, to high; this is in part due to intellectuals losing themselves in convoluted arguments and semantics and forgetting to come back to the basics - which is to work towards reunion with Self through application of the theories they are debating. One of the great saadhanas is devotion itself and this is the lubricant, if you will, to spiritual enquiry.

Do not worry about the use of Sanskrit throughout - all newcomers to such talks can feel a little overwhelmed; same as if attending a physics lecture for the first time! Just listen and relax and you will find that there are words with which you are familiar - take notes of the ones which are new... enjoy the learning experience!

Swami-ji's accent may take a little getting used to - do please persevere for you will find his depth of knowledge, and the largeness of heart, are captivating. There are also question answers at the end, which can help the seeker every bit as much as the discourse itself… so don't leave early! Please note that on this first session in particular, there are some technical difficulties faced by the presenter - but perseverance pays off.

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