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Unbalanced Values

Hari OM

Story-day is for cultural exploration, puraanas and parables and finding out about leading lights in spiritual philosophy.

WE haven't had a fable for a while… this one is by Jean de la Fontaine (17th century).

The Stag who Admired his Reflection                               
 A vain stag saw himself reflected while standing and gazing into a crystal-clear pool. His antlers spread wide and handsomely, but when he looked down, he rued the sight of his narrow limbs, which thinned to nothing under him.

"My legs do not match my head" he said in sorrow regarding his form. "This copse upon my head is well merited, very smart indeed - but my feet are nothing so smart at all"

Now, while the stag was pondering this, a bloodhound came and started to chase him. The stag tried to save himself and he too off into the forests. However, his magnificent antlers were an impediment. They were catching the branches as he ran, slowing down the service rendered by the feet he was so critical of and which, now, held the potential to save his life. Thus, as he ran, he cursed the crown of horn which now began to drag him down.

Moral… We value what is beautiful and scorn the useful; beauty often destroys us.  The stag despised his feet which gave him life, while valuing the crown which caused him strife.

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