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Be The Light

Hari Om

'Freedays' are the 'gather our thoughts' days; Q&As; a general review of the week so far…

Advaita advises us we can rise above the ravages of daily living and work through our existence in a clear and pure manner. All the teachings within it are designed to help us step out of our own muck and the mire of circumstances around us. Not to physically extract ourselves, but to withdraw to an 'inner chamber' from which we can observe, even act externally if required, but remain unburdened and unsullied by it.

Image result for folded handsIn a world which is in turmoil to varying degrees and effects all over the globe, it would be all too easy to fall prey to gloom and doom. Vedantins, practicing their saadhana chastutaya, however, can be observers and maintain a level state of being throughout the various upheavals.

Life is not cut out like a silhouette; it is not simple black or white, in or out, them and us. To try and portray it thus is to subscribe fully to delusion and fall prey to extremes of attitude not conducive to the Life Divine. To live spiritually is to acknowledge all the happenings of the world, but release them from becoming a burden within our hearts and minds. Not in the way of absolving responsibility. Rather, each individual must take responsibility for their own little fraction of the world. In doing this, we have an effect on the external to us. Practicing this regularly and well, we find that the external starts to mellow and seeks to come 'up' to us rather than us having to 'fall' to the external.

Importantly, if every individual in the world took this kind of responsibility, how much lighter the world would be.

Maintaining the level of Love which sustains us can feel futile at times. Never give up. Never loose sight of the Universal Truth. We are all One and it is only delusion of plurality which fools us into thinking of 'we' and 'thee'. When we say 'Hari OM', we are declaring that the One we call Lord is the One Consciousness present in us all. When we say 'Namaste', we are saying the spirit present in ourselves is the same spirit present in the other.

Never think that your own small contribution to Love in the world goes amiss or is lost. Be the light which brightens the darkness. 

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