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Hari Om

Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation.

How have you found your month of 'yajna'? Refreshing, it is hoped; encouraging, it is prayed; interesting, at the very least? Having completed Gurudev's book 'Meditation & Life', it is hoped that you will keep reviewing it - better yet, purchase the full text - and putting what is given into practice. Meditation is not a passive thing. It requires work! This is a common error on the part of many 'meditators'; to sit down and breath deeply and think that peace will fall into them and do the quietening of the mind with little effort on their part.

If  at all you have learned anything over the past months, it is that no true benefits come without your own diligent effort - purushartha. It is called the 'practice' of meditation because that is precisely what is required. Practice. Each and every day. Just as you would require for an instrument, for singing, for cooking, for building… the more you do these things the better and more refined becomes your work and the greater joy you obtain from its execution.

To this end, AUM-day is now going to provide actual exercises; things to do. Not today though. Today, review what has been covered thus far; check over your notebooks and find out what it is you struggle with most. Spend contemplation time on precisely that - ask yourself, 'what is it within me which is causing this or that hurdle?'

Progressing in meditation demands self-honesty - whether or not you are practicing meditation for spiritual or for purely stress-management purposes, that self-honesty is paramount to overcoming the inner blockages.

Enjoy this day of review. Prepare for exercise.

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