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Make of Yourself a Mirror

Hari Om

'Freedays' are the 'gather our thoughts' days; Q&As; a general review of the week so far…

As Vedantins, we come to understand that our life-time 'grooves' are called vaasanas; the talents, traits, habits, vices and so on which have been built up over the life of the soul and which dictate something of how we live this incarnation. The great injunction of Vedanta is "break out of those grooves!"

We all know how difficult that can be, though. The grooves are our comfort zones, our bolt-holes, our justifications for being stuck. When we try to redirect things, those around as say they don't know who we are any more; we are seen as being difficult, bolshie, rebellious, eccentric, downright crazy. Most of us have a desire to make the big changes, few of us can fund the stamina or the courage to do so.

Yes, courage. It is enough that we have to work on rooting out and burning off the detritus that we can see within us. How much harder that becomes when the unseen and dormant vaasanas start to make themselves known! As we work towards the return to Authentic Self, we have to face the ego-self we are. That is sometimes not very pretty.

It is, however, essential. Never mind the label of 'Vedantin'. Simply to be the very best Human Being that we can requires of us that we make ourselves as pure and straight and focused as possible. It just so happens to be that Vedanta is the philosophy which offers a strong methodology for achieving such purification and clarification. If we come to understand Vedanta fully, we find that it opens up all other philosophies and spiritual disciplines; we can return to our own faith structures and rediscover them as if….(dare it be said?).. born again. If your spirit cries out for the truth of The Divine, open yourself out and be ready to receive the pollination of Vedanta.