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Hari Om
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Every nation has their version of a day of remembrance - some have more than one such. Vedantins, advanced in understanding of the delusion of a pluralistic world, could stand apart from such things.

However, if their understanding is full, they will also appreciate that as long as they live out praarabdha in a the BMI matrix, plurality must still be acknowledged (albeit tempered with a clarity of vision). It then becomes a part of saadhana, a service to one's fellow beings, to also acknowledge a debt to those who have been prepared to face wars and disasters in selfless acts of courage and determination, with pride in their respective nations and at great risk to themselves. Often, this means death.

In the UK, today is Remembrance Day for those fallen in conflicts around the globe in pursuit of freedoms and balance against tyranny and hatred.

In an ideal world, there would not be such need of sacrifice of life and limb. This life, this world, is not meant to be 'ideal'. It is actually meant to be as it is so that all the jiivas can live through all the various experiences necessary to strengthen themselves as they find their way back to Aatman - the One Truth of Existence from which all this plurality arises and within which it is sustained.

This does not make the losses easier to bear. Acknowledging our debt to those who have given the ultimate service is imperative. May all souls lost in conflict find themselves at peace in The One.

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